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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Denmark does not allow Syrian asylum seekers to stay

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Denmark is the first country in Europe to refuse to grant residence permits to Syrian asylum seekers.

According to News i, quoting Sputnik news agency, the Danish Foreign Minister said that in a situation where the civil war continues in many parts of Syria, the situation is “different” in parts of the country. Danish officials believe Damascus is a safe area to return to, despite opposition from the United Nations and Amnesty International.

In recent weeks, 94 Syrians have been informed that their residence permits in Denmark have been revoked. Many more Syrian asylum seekers are expected to receive similar messages in the future.

“There is still civil war in many parts of Syria,” the Danish foreign minister said in an interview. But there are places in this country where the situation is different. Danish officials consider these areas safe, especially around Damascus. Those Syrian refugees who volunteer to return receive financial assistance and are no longer forcibly deported. Syrians returning to their country can help rebuild their country.

The decision to revoke the temporary residence permit for Syrian refugees has been opposed by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. “He does not consider Syria safe to return to,” he said. “The condition for return is that the situation be stable.” We do not see such a place in Syria.

News i



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