Covid-19: according to the WHO, vaccination coverage in Europe is not sufficient to prevent a resurgence of the epidemic


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The World Health Organization (WHO) said Thursday, June 10 that vaccination coverage in Europe was not sufficient to prevent a resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The World Health Organization (WHO) sent a message to Europeans on Thursday 10 June: according to it, the “vaccination coverage is far from sufficient to protect the region from a resurgence” of the Covid-19 epidemic. Is WHO right to alert us? “She is right and wrong. She is first and foremost right because, in fact, vaccination coverage is insufficient. When we look at the 53 countries in the Europe zone of the World Health Organization, we can clearly see that we do not is that at 17% of the population who received their two doses “, explains the journalist France Télévisions and doctor Damien Mascret on the set of 19/20 of France 3.

The dominant Indian variant in the UK

In addition, only two doses of vaccine allow you to be completely protected against Covid-19, “a fortiori with the Indian variant”, dominant in the United Kingdom, recalls the doctor. “With this Indian variant, [le Royaume-Uni s’est aperçu] that it was only 33% effective with a single dose, but, and this is the good news, and this is also why the World Health Organization is exaggerating a bit and is wrong, it is that with two doses, we have more than 80% protection “, continues Damien Mascret.

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