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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Congratulations to the Palestinian groups on the occasion of the release of Maher al-Akhras from the Zionist prison

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In separate statements, Palestinian groups congratulated the release of Maher al-Akhras, a Palestinian militant from the occupying regime’s prisons, and his victory over Zionist prison guards after more than 100 days of hunger strike.

According to News i, quoting the Palestinian Information Center, Hazem Qassem, spokesman for the Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement, said: “We offer congratulations.”

He stated that this Palestinian freedom portrayed the helplessness and inability of the Zionist occupiers to weaken the steely will of the Palestinian people.

On the other hand, the Islamic Jihad movement issued a statement declaring that the battle for dignity that Al-Akhras started with a hunger strike is the best evidence of the fact that the Palestinian people will never submit to humiliation and that this nation is fascinated by freedom. And liberation from the yoke of the Zionist occupiers.

On the other hand, the People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine, while congratulating the Palestinian people and the Palestinian POW movement on the occasion of the liberation of this Palestinian Mujahideen after a heroic epic, emphasized that Al-Akhras in the shadow of his stability and hunger strike Widespread popular solidarity and international circles marked a new victory for the Palestinian POW movement against the Zionist prison guards.

The front stressed that the fight to support the Palestinian prisoners until their release must be at the forefront of the national movement and resistance groups’ agenda.

Al-Akhras also stressed in a statement that the Palestinian people should continue to defend themselves and not wait for the world to dismantle the tyranny of the occupiers.

“I feel that I have achieved a great victory against the strongest power in the Middle East, we will win in the shadow of our perseverance and our lives, and we will live freely and with dignity,” he said.

News i



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