CNN: Biden hopes for return of Russian and US ambassadors

CNN reports quoting three informed sources that Joe Biden intends to address the issue of damaged US-Russian diplomatic relations during his meeting with Vladimir Putin in the next few days, and hopes that they will be able to do so after months of absenteeism in the capital. The two countries will again exchange ambassadors in their capitals.

About three months ago, Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, was recalled from Washington after US President Vladimir Putin called his Russian counterpart a “murderer,” CNN reported, quoting CNN. Also about two months ago, US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan left Moscow after Russia talked about his return to Washington for consultations.

While relations between the two countries have been severely damaged, the absence of ambassadors from the two countries on each other’s soil has made it even more difficult to conduct basic diplomacy.

A State Department spokesman told CNN that Sullivan would “return to Moscow in the coming weeks” and that the United States was committed to “opening channels with the Russian government, both to advance US interests and to reduce “There is a risk of miscalculations between our countries.”

Kenneth Yavitz, a retired US ambassador to Moscow, Belarus and Georgia, told CNN that he wanted Putin and Biden to agree on the return of their ambassadors to the respective capitals. “Before all the sanctions, there was a return.”

US officials told CNN that sending ambassadors to the other side’s capitals is essential to maintaining working-class dialogue between the two countries, and that this, as well as the Biden administration, seeks a stable and predictable relationship. It is pivotal with Russia. But they also acknowledged that more needed to be done to repair damaged diplomatic relations between the two countries, given that the total number of US diplomats in Russia is at an all-time low in modern history.

A State Department spokesman told CNN that the Russian government’s decision to ban the retention of Russian or foreign employees by the United States and to hire and contract with them by Washington had a direct impact on hundreds of contract staff and other staff. In the cities of Moscow, Vladivostok and Yekaterinburg, there will be partners who have dedicated themselves to trying to promote positive relations between the two countries.

“Banning the recruitment of these people will have a severe impact on our operations, our remaining staff and the entire community of our diplomatic missions,” officials said.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan recently briefed members of Congress on the status of the US diplomatic presence in Russia. Informed sources tell these meetings that their clear understanding is that the current situation is not stable.

Bill Burns, a former US ambassador to Russia and CIA director in the administration of George W. Bush, is among those whom the US government has relied heavily on to develop a US-Russia relations management plan, US officials told CNN.

According to CNN, by holding this meeting, the Biden government is sending its desire to keep relations with Russia open from the top down.

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