China called the World Health Organization’s new research plan on the origin of the corona “offensive.”

Beijing considers the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria for the second phase of the Corona peripheral investigation offensive and will not follow them, the China National Health Commission said today (Thursday).

Last week, the director general of the World Health Organization said the second investigation would include examining laboratories and research facilities in the areas where the first Covid-19 cases were recorded in December 2019, News i reported, quoting Sputnik. This new study is part of a five-step plan prepared by the World Health Organization to identify the root cause of the coronavirus.

“Until December 31, 2019, the Wuhan Institute of Virology never encountered Covid-19,” a representative of China’s National Health Commission told a news conference. The Wuhan Institute of Virology has never made or published Covid. In addition, none of the staff or students at the center have been infected with Covid-19 to date.

He stressed that there is no understanding of the artificial origin for the virus and its seam from the laboratory. “Scientists have agreed that Covid is of natural origin,” he said. Experts have issued a statement saying there is no evidence of the artificial origin of the cuvette and its leakage from the laboratory.

In January, a team of international experts traveled to Wuhan to inspect a laboratory, hospitals and markets for corona origin. The WHO expert mission was accompanied by a report emphasizing that a new coronavirus leak from a laboratory in Wuhan is highly unlikely. The report, released in March, said the new virus was most likely transmitted to humans through bats.

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