China called Biden’s order to investigate the corona virus leak theory “American Waterloo.”

China has accused the US government of taking a dangerous stance in its call for a full investigation into the possible leak of the Corona virus from Wuhan Labs, warning that Washington would probably lose the battle like Napoleon, who lost at Waterloo.

According to News i, quoting the Daily Mail, the Chinese newspaper “Global Times” published in an editorial requesting an investigation into the leak of the Corona virus from Wuhan Laboratory by US President Joe Biden, likened it to finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In 2003, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell told the United Nations that Saddam’s regime had weapons of mass destruction and posed a decisive threat, and that this led to the invasion of Iraq, but that such weapons were never found there.

“Washington is so arrogant that it cannot realize that its baseless accusations against China have turned into a political gamble against it,” the paper said in an editorial. The United States is likely to face a situation similar to Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Waterloo and may lose its credibility by abusing its soft power.

Biden last Wednesday ordered US intelligence officials to redouble their efforts to investigate the source of the corona virus, which includes any possibility of the virus leaking from a Chinese laboratory.

A few months after downplaying the possibility of the virus leaking from China’s lab, Biden has now joined international pressure on China to be more transparent about the virus and its origins.

China also insists that the virus is mutated and transmitted naturally from animals to humans, such as from a market in Wuhan.

Biden has instructed US intelligence agencies to complete their investigation within 90 days and called on China to work with the international community to find the source of the virus.

China has accused scientists of validating the “virus leak from the lab” theory of “acting in accordance with political conditions and favoring the Wind Party.”

The China Global Times also noted that the US intelligence community had made catastrophic mistakes on the issue of weapons of mass destruction in the early 2000s, and stressed that US leaders had lost credibility at the outset.

News i


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