Chief of Operations of the Ethiopian Army in the capture of Tigris militants

The Tigers Front liberated one of its most important prisoners of war from the Ethiopian military by issuing identity statements.

According to News i, quoting the Russia Today news network, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front announced in a military statement that Colonel Yassin, the head of the Eastern Command operation in the Ethiopian army, had been captured by the front.

Some activists and bloggers posted pictures claiming that they belonged to Colonel Yassin, who had been taken prisoner by the Tigray Liberation Front.

Despite releasing 1,000 captives, Tiger forces now hold about 5,000 Ethiopian government forces who attacked the region captive and will try senior officers they have captured.

“The Liberation Front has released about a thousand Ethiopian government soldiers who were captured during the recent clashes, while the two sides have been fighting for control of disputed areas,” the leader of the Front told Reuters. The west of the region is getting ready.

He added: “More than 5,000 soldiers are still in our captivity and the senior officers who will be tried soon will remain. The soldiers were also directed to the southern border of Tigris with the Amreh climate.”

Eight months ago, a war broke out between Ethiopian government forces and the forces of the Tigris Liberation Front. Eight months ago, Ethiopian government forces were able to take control of the Tigris climate center after three weeks of control of the city of Makili, but then the Tiger forces managed to gain more control. Take back the areas and the center.

News i


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