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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Brexit: Manon Aubry calls for extending the current conditions “the time to analyze the agreement that will result from the negotiations”

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The solution “the most reasonable” the deadlock in the negotiations on a post-Brexit trade agreement would be “to agree on a provisional extension of the conditions put in place since January 31 by a few weeks time to analyze with precision and rigor the agreement that will result from the negotiations”, believes Manon Aubry, MEP La France insoumise (LFI), on News i on Sunday, December 20. Negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union continue on Sunday but the issue of fishing grounds continues to block any prospect of an agreement.

MEPs have “still not seen a single comma, a single word of this chord” which must contain “hundreds of pages”, announces Manon Aubry when the implementation date of this agreement is scheduled for January 1, 2021. “We will be asked to sign this between the turkey and the log”, gets carried away the parliamentarian. “We can’t do it in a few days”, she regrets. We are asking for a minimum of democratic respect, to let us play our role which is a thorough examination of the outcome of the negotiations. “

“We have to ensure, for example, that we have an agreement that is satisfactory for our fishermen and that we have a satisfactory agreement to avoid social dumping.”

Manon Aubry, MEP LFI

to News i

The other solutions would be, according to her, “a hard no deal” with “terrible consequences for both the European Union and the United Kingdom” or “a provisional entry into the agreement on which they would have agreed. I do not want it either because it is a bit to put the knife to us as parliamentarians, an agreement to take or leave”.

In this final straight line of negotiations, “Boris Johnson is trying to get the butter and the money from the Brexit butter, Manon Aubry analysis. He wants to limit access to British waters for French fishermen but wants to access the European market to resell the fish caught in these waters “.


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