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Bennett’s government agrees to hold a flag march / be ready to resist / establish an iron dome


One day before the march of the flag of the occupying Zionist settlers in the occupied Jerusalem, the Palestinian resistance declared its readiness to its forces. Because the Minister of Internal Security in the government of Naftali Bennett has agreed to hold a march.

According to News i, the Palestinian Information Center quoted the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar as saying that Palestinian resistance groups agreed to prevent a flag march in Jerusalem on Tuesday, and that the resumption of hostilities between the resistance and the Zionist regime was a very serious option. Is.

The Palestinian resistance sent messages to the Zionist regime through Egypt and some international mediators warning that the provocative march, especially in the Bab al-Amoud neighborhood or the grounds of Al-Aqsa Mosque, should be canceled.

The resistance has warned that the march could go beyond the reaction in the occupied territories and lead to a regional war.

Al-Akhbar Lebanon stressed that Hamas leaders had informed Abbas Kamel, the head of the Egyptian intelligence service, that holding the rally would definitely lead to an explosion of the situation and a resumption of hostilities, at which time the Zionist regime and the mediators would face many problems. It will be different from the previous times.

In this regard, the Palestinian resistance has ordered its forces, including missile units, to be fully prepared. Israeli drones have also been patrolling the skies over the Gaza Strip for the past two days.

Some Israeli sources have suggested that the resistance response to the march could be in the form of sending incendiary balloons from Gaza to the occupied territories or firing rockets at some towns near Gaza.

Al-Akhbar also quoted some sources as saying that the response of the resistance would be quite targeted and parallel to the march of the extremists, and that the resistance missile units were fully prepared for rocket attacks on enemy targets and positions.

The Committee for the Follow-up of Palestinian National and Islamic Movements in the Occupied Territories of 1948 also called on the general Palestinian population in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the Occupied Territories to make a large presence in and around the Al-Aqsa Mosque to confront the Zionist settlers.

The joint Arab list also wrote a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett calling for the cancellation of the flag march in occupied Jerusalem, stressing that right-wing activists were determined to resort to violence, provocation and racism during the march.

According to the Palestine Information Center, the joint Arab list blamed the new government for any possible violence, clashes and bloodshed caused by the march.

The Minister of Internal Security of the new Zionist regime, Omar Barlio, announced that after the meeting to assess the security situation regarding the flag march, it was decided that the march would take place as agreed between the police and the organizers. The police and security forces have been instructed to be on high alert.

O’Hiller, a military correspondent for Israel’s Channel 13 television, said he was preparing his army for a possible resumption of hostilities in Gaza following Hamas threats against the settlers’ flag march.

Accordingly, the Israeli Minister of War Bank has set new goals in Gaza and the Iron Dome system has been re-installed in various parts of the occupied territories.

The State Department has also ordered embassy members and their families not to enter the Old City of Quds tomorrow.

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