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Americans dissatisfied with Geneva meeting: Putin knew what he was saying but Biden was weak

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The Americans commented on the outcome of the meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told a news conference that such a long and constructive meeting with no world leader was possible, News i reported, quoting Arty.

After several hours of talks, the Russian president first answered reporters’ questions and spoke about the details of the meeting. The Americans closely followed Putin’s speech to reporters.

The first comments from users were that although the Biden government refused to hold a joint news conference between the two presidents so that the White House owner would not appear weak in the presence of Vladimir Putin, a comparison could not be avoided.

Most users commented and did not approve of Biden. Fox News readers believe that Joe Biden, unlike his Russian counterpart, showed that he is not in the best condition, especially during the post-meeting press conferences.

One user wrote: “Let us compare the quality and number of questions that Putin skillfully answered with the quality and number of questions Biden naturally wished Biden woke up to speak on behalf of the American people.”

Another user said: “It is very important to monitor global leadership again when it says the real issues and is aware of what it is saying. Joe comes out as he falls and falls, everyone looks at each other to see what he is saying.

A third person said about these conferences, Biden leaves after the beaten meeting and immediately goes to his wife Jill and takes her by the hand and blames Jill Putin because he is evil.

The next person wrote, Biden’s answer at the end of the meeting was written a long time ago, he himself can not speak for more than a few minutes. If it lasts longer, it will be destroyed. If he does not read from the text, someone will say the answers in his ear. An American is ashamed of this scene.

One reader said Putin did not give American reporters a chance to adjust their questions to get the right answer because he knew the American media games better than he did.

One user said that Putin spoke first while Biden waited for his turn. This shows where we are in the world today.

Another user said Putin seemed to be in a larger room. Biden was talking about weakness, and Putin tried to make Biden look good at a news conference.

A user named “xman 2020stlouis” wrote: Putin answered what he thought in a press conference for 45 minutes. Biden read State Department notes prepared two weeks ago. “He is a weak man.”

Another user named “dementedjoe” wrote: Joe insisted on what you said? Joe does not know where the earth is, let alone standing on it.

Another pilot wrote: “Once again, Biden showed that he is weak.

Another user, RIVERSIDECO, also wrote: “Does Putin agree with Biden?” Yes sir. Will Putin heed Biden’s warnings? not at all. Biden’s warning is like threatening someone with a “spray gun.”

Finally, another user named “FREEDOMACROSSAMERICA” joked: “He is the greatest president we have not had in a long time like him … brave, confident and strong … his name is Donald Trump.”

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin met in Geneva on Wednesday, June 16, for the first time since Biden took office at the White House.

News i



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