American soldiers attack training at Bulgarian oil factory!

US troops mistakenly attack an olive oil factory in Bulgaria during a NATO exercise.

According to News i, quoting Deutsche Welle news network, “Ken McGraw”, the public relations officer of the US Special Operations Command, said that the initial report about this attack is incorrect. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base of 173 troops stationed in Italy. US Special Operations Forces were not involved in the incident.

He continued: “American troops of this unit in Italy carried out a simulated operation at the” Chesnigirovo “airport in the south of Bulgaria. They were moving from one building to another to capture and secure each stop, and the team mistakenly believed that the factory was located inside the airport and not adjacent to it.

During the May 11 exercise, soldiers simulated entering and clearing several trenches and structures across the airport.

The U.S. military says no shots were fired during the exercise.

The US military statement said: “The US military takes training seriously and prioritizes the safety of soldiers, allies and civilians.” We strongly apologize to this company and its employees. We always learn from these exercises and we are fully investigating the cause of this mistake. We will use precise methods to clearly define our training areas and prevent such incidents in the future.

An investigative journalist tweeted on Arms Watch that security camera footage showed what had happened at the factory.

The journalist also claimed that the owner of the factory had complained to the US military.

News i


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