American espionage: Macron and Merkel demand explanations



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According to a Danish television station, the United States allegedly spied on European leaders, including Angela Merkel, at least until 2014 using Danish submarine cables.

It is a matter of eavesdropping that shakes up European diplomacy. The American intelligence services, the NSA, would have monitored their European allies with the complicity of Denmark. Among the target of eavesdropping, French personalities whose we do not know the identity and German politicians, as Angela Merkel. Monday, May 31, Emmanuel Macron and the German Chancellor showed their disappointment: “It is not acceptable between allies, it is even less so between allies and European partners.”

According to a Danish television channel, between 2012 and 2014, the United States would have connected to submarine telecommunications cables. Denmark is a hub for global web traffic. Copenhagen and Washington would therefore have formed a secret partnership to have regular access to what is happening in these pipes. US President Joe Biden is soon going to Brussels for a NATO summit which could experience tensions after these revelations.

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