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Al-Fatah Coalition: How can the US embassy become a military barracks in the heart of Baghdad ?!

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The Al-Fatah Coalition today (Sunday) expressed surprise at the US embassy’s move in Baghdad (testing the Patriot system), calling it a violation of all diplomatic norms.

According to News i, the Al-Fatah Coalition said in a statement that what the US embassy did in Baghdad on Saturday was irresponsible, strange and a violation of all diplomatic norms and international law.

The coalition stressed that the move would continue to violate Iraq’s national sovereignty and dignity, and how could the embassy and the diplomatic corps become military bases in the heart of Baghdad? Strangely enough, how do Iraqi decision-makers agree with these public violations and do nothing?

According to Sumaria News, the lack of a clear and unequivocal position of the government, as well as the silence of all parties that shed tears over the credibility and status of Iraq, is astonishing that they are not doing anything.

The coalition stressed that what happened in Baghdad on Saturday to intimidate the people on a clear day also sounded the alarm without any prior warning and warned that the violation of Iraq’s dignity and sovereignty would continue.

The coalition added: “Therefore, all sincere national groups loyal to the country must condemn these repeated aggressions, and the Americans must stop their provocative actions against the Iraqi people and stop the series of vindictive rapes. Consider this event.

Iraqi parliamentarian Safa al-Miyahi also said the US embassy’s use of the Patriot system to deal with missiles was a “major violation”.

The United States has deployed Patriot systems around its embassy in Baghdad to protect itself against missile strikes.

Al-Mayahi told Sputnik that the entry of Turkish troops into Iraqi territory was a clear violation of the country’s sovereignty.

He said Iraq needed to condemn the actions or that legal action should be taken against them if the United States did not apologize or the Turkish forces did not withdraw from the country.

News i



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