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Advisor to the Afghan National Security Council: Pakistan provides financial and military support to the Taliban


The adviser to the Afghan National Security Council announced the arrival of 15,000 militants from Pakistan to Afghanistan and said that these people are coming to Afghanistan to support the Taliban.

According to News i, Hamdullah Moheb, an adviser to the Afghan National Security Council, told Sky News in a recent interview that Islamabad-backed religious schools are working to support the Taliban and perpetuate the war in Afghanistan and now want to send more fighters to join the Taliban. Fight against the Afghan security and defense forces.

He says 10,000 Pakistani fighters have recently arrived in Afghanistan to support the Taliban, and efforts are under way to send more than 15,000 more Pakistani fighters to escalate the fighting.

In the interview, Hamdullah Moheb once again accused the Pakistani government of supporting the Taliban and escalating the war in the country, saying, “Pakistan is providing financial and military support to the Taliban to intensify the war in Afghanistan.”

An adviser to the Afghan National Security Council, he has been a vocal critic of Pakistan since taking office. He has always criticized Pakistan in his speeches, calling it a major supporter of the Taliban and fueling the war in Afghanistan. Now that foreign troops are leaving Afghanistan and the Taliban’s war against Afghan troops is intensifying, Moheb has stepped up his sharp criticism of Pakistan, stressing that Islamabad is trying to support more Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. To achieve his goals.

Along with Hamdullah Moheb, the president of Afghanistan, and current and former military officials, Pakistan is considered the main cause of war and killing in Afghanistan, and the Taliban are said to have been created in Islamabad, and the country has intensified the war in Afghanistan to overthrow the regime. He is trying in this country.

Former Afghan National Security Chief Rahmatullah Nabil is also a critic of the Pakistani government. He has repeatedly accused Islamabad of supporting the Taliban and sending fighters to Afghanistan.

Nabil also recently spoke of thousands of fighters coming from Pakistan to support the Taliban in Afghanistan. “If Spin Boldak is not released, 1,000 Pakistani militants will enter Afghanistan every day,” he said. Afghan authorities must take the village out of Taliban control and prevent Pakistani fighters from entering Afghanistan freely.

The former head of national security announced a major conspiracy by Pakistan against the Afghan government and its people and called on Afghan leaders to wake up and save Afghanistan and stop waiting for foreign words.

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