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Sunday, December 5, 2021

A new round of Libyan political talks today in Geneva

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Members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Conference today (Monday) hold a new round of talks in Geneva, Switzerland.

According to News i, Al-Hurra Network reported that the round of talks will continue from February 1st to February 5th.

The network announced that the talks would be held under the auspices of the interim UN envoy Stephanie Williams in Libya.

Al-Hurra added that during the meeting, the Libyan Political Dialogue Conference will select candidates for the posts of Presidential Council and Prime Minister based on the roadmap adopted by the conference in Tunisia in mid-November.

The New Africa News Agency also reported that the new integrated executive power is temporary and will essentially be handed over to the Libyan leadership until the national elections on December 24, 2021 and the unification of government institutions.

The UN delegation to Libya on Saturday announced the names of the candidates for the presidency and prime minister of Libya.

According to the report, members of the Presidential Council and the Prime Minister, after being elected, will run Libya during the transition period until December 24 (December 3, 1400) and hold Libyan elections.

The UN delegation to Libya has nominated 24 candidates for the presidency and 21 candidates for the post of caretaker Prime Minister.

Nominees for the Libyan Presidential Council, Idris Suleiman Ahmad Al-Qaeda, Assamah Jowaili, Asad Mohsen Zahio, Khalid Al-Saeh, Khalid Ammar Al-Mashri, Salama Ibrahim Al-Ghawil, Suleiman Aswikir Awad, Al-Sharif Al-Wafi, Abdullah Al-Rahman Al-Rahman Al-Rahman Al-Rahman Al-Din Al-Rahman Al-Balazi, Abdul Rahim Ali Muhammad Al-Sheibani, Abdullah Hussein Al-Lafi, Abdul Al-Majid Ghaith Saif Al-Nasr, Aqeel Saleh Qawidar, Ali Abu Al-Hijab, Ali Mahmoud Bukhirullah, Omar Mahdi Abu Sharida, Majidah Wafati, Muhammad Al-Qamudi Al-Hafi, Mohammad Hassan , Mustafa Abdul Hamid Dalaf, Musa Al-Kouni.

Candidates for the post of Prime Minister are Amal Jarai, Ahmad Omar Ahmad Amaitiq, Osama Al-Sayed, Iman Kashr, Jamal Abu Bakr Imran Abu Ghraini, Al-Harmain Mohammad Al-Harmain, Khalid Muhammad Abdullah Laghwil, Dhu Abdullah Abduzwad Al-Atheed, Atah Mohammad Al-Rahim Mukhtar Al-Muntasir, Abdul Razzaq Ahmad Abdul Al-Qadir, Othman Abdul Jalil Muhammad, Fathullah Hussein Abdul Al-Karim Muhammad, Fathi Ali Abdul Salam Bashaga, Fadhil Al-Amin, Mohammad Al-Ansari, Muhammad Abdul Latif Al-Muntasir, Muhammad Moin Mansour Al-Kikhadi They are Abu Shuwaikat.

News i



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