Why is our best friend a book ??

مجله سلامت

The book is our best friend because we can access it at any time of the day or night.

Because we humans have no obligation to the book, we go to the book whenever we want and we put it aside whenever we are not bored.

We can sell it.

If we are in cold and hard conditions, we can burn it to warm up.

We can borrow at least two to three books a week from the library for a small fee.

We can go to the book whenever we like, and we can not go to it whenever we are bored, without hearing any objection from the book.

Do you think paper books are better or e-books? Why should we buy books? Which one has more benefits? Follow us to get acquainted with the benefits of each of them.

The Benefits of E-Books?

lower price :

The price of this type of books is lower than paper books because they do not cost printing and paper.

So more people can use e-books. Most e-books are also published for free, while paper books are not.

Saving the trees:

You know that paper comes from trees, and e-books save paper instead of paper books, preventing many trees from being cut down.

This may not seem like a big deal to you.

But when a large number of books or newspapers are printed, a lot of paper is consumed.

Easy to carry e-books:

Electronic books do not weigh you can have a digital book library on your mobile phone and it is available to you whenever and wherever you want.

But paper books are heavy and difficult to carry.

No penalty for delay in book delivery:

If you borrow a printed book from the library and return it to the library later than scheduled, you will have to pay a fine for each day you are late.

But you should know that libraries also offer digital copies of books to you and you will never be fined. You will only have problems registering if you do not follow the rules.

E-book updates:

E-books are easily updated and made available to people. It does not cost anything but if you are looking for Buy printed books with free shipping You have to pay to buy it.

Why is our best friend a book ??

Change the shape and font of e-books:

If you read e-books with your mobile phone, you can change its settings and change the size, font and. In any way you like.

Why buy paper books? The Benefits of Paper Books?

better learning :

Research has shown that learning is reduced by reading e-books. In this study, a group of 25 people were asked to read a 28-page book, and another group of 25 people was asked to read the same book of the previous group from a paper book. Finally, they were asked to read a few events from the book. In chronological order, the performance of the group reading the paper book was better.

Less physical damage:

When you look at your mobile page for a long time and read a book, it will cause eye strain and mental fatigue, but none of this will happen when you read a paper book.

Of course, when you sit for a long time, whether reading a paper book or an e-book, you will get tired.

The permanence of the book:

All you need to read a book is a paper book, all people can use it without worrying about running out of power!

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