What do you know about the dangers of consuming tea?

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One of the drinks that is very popular among us Iranians is tea. Tea is made from the leaves of a plant called Canellia sinsis and due to its high popularity, it is the second most common beverage in the world. This versatile drink has many properties and benefits and contains antioxidants, caffeine and که that can help increase energy, reduce stress and maintain good health. However, some people have a number of side effects from consuming tea and eating it is harmful for them. In this article, we are going to talk a little more about the harms of tea consumption and its contraindications. So join us.

Harms of tea and contraindications

As we have said, tea has anti-cancer properties and increases the immune system, reduces stress and increases concentration. Of course, this does not apply to everyone, and it may cause problems. In the following, we will examine these disadvantages together.

Allergy to tea

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. But it is interesting to know that some people are allergic to tea and if they drink it, they will suffer from various side effects. These side effects can occur in the form of skin reactions. In such cases, it is better to pay more attention to the amount of consumption of this drink and if you are sure, raise this problem with your doctor.

Sleep disorder

Many people drink tea after dinner and go to bed immediately. Since tea contains caffeine, consuming too much of it can interfere with sleep. Disruption of the sleep clock will also lead to fatigue, drowsiness, decreased concentration and memory impairment. So if you are one of those people who drink a lot of tea and suffer from sleep disorders after consumption, it is better to reconsider its consumption.

What do you know about the dangers of consuming tea?

Digestive problems

One of the side effects of regular consumption of black tea is digestive problems. Caffeine in tea can relax stomach acid into the esophagus and reflux by relaxing the sphincter valve. Another important point is that because drinking tea increases the production of stomach acid, drinking it is not recommended for patients with gastrointestinal diseases. In addition, many people get constipation if they drink a lot of this drink, which is also caused by the presence of tannins in tea.

Creating anxiety and stress

One of the reasons for stress is high tea consumption. Caffeine generally causes anxiety and stress, and tea is no exception due to the presence of caffeine. However, black tea has more caffeine than other teas, and the thicker the tea, the more caffeine enters the body. To solve this problem, it is better to reduce the consumption of tea during the day or use decaffeinated teas.

Cardiovascular problems

Maybe you are a big fan of bold tea pills. But if you know how much eating this tea can be problematic for the heart and arteries, you may reconsider consuming it. In general, the consumption of black tea due to the presence of caffeine irregular heartbeat. Therefore, if you suffer from proximal tachycardia and cardiac asthma, you should be more careful in consuming tea and caffeinated substances.

Dizziness and nausea

Many people experience nausea due to excessive consumption of black tea. This condition can occur more often on an empty stomach. Of course, most people do not have any problems drinking even a few cups a day, but there are those who feel nauseous after consuming one or two cups. Feeling dizzy is also known to be caused by excessive caffeine consumption. So if you experience any of these symptoms after drinking a lot of tea, you should reduce your daily intake as much as possible.

What do you know about the dangers of consuming tea?

Pregnancy and caution in tea consumption

High levels of caffeine during pregnancy increase the risk of miscarriage and low birth weight babies. Tea and coffee generally fall into the category of caffeinated beverages. Of course, less caffeine in tea compared to coffee has made it more popular among other beverages. Different information from Disadvantages of tea And there are risks of caffeine consumption during pregnancy, the exact amount of caffeine consumption during this period has not yet been stated. But obstetricians recommend consuming 200 to 300 mg of tea daily, which is equivalent to consuming 3 cups.

Of course, the amount of caffeine in different types of tea varies, but typically each 240 ml cup will contain 20 to 60 mg of caffeine. In addition, you should know that replacing tea with other drinks is not recommended during this period. Because other herbal teas are not safe. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek the advice and advice of your doctor to drink tea during pregnancy.


In this article, you will be fully acquainted with the various harms of tea. That consuming this soothing drink, despite its many benefits and properties, can be harmful to some people. In any case, the benefits of this Guava drink should not be ignored because of its harms. In general, the quality of tea and attention to proper consumption are the main points that we must pay attention to. In fact, if we know that good production methods are used to harvest and prepare this drink, we will enjoy its pleasant taste with more peace of mind. Also, to avoid the harms of tea, we should adjust its consumption according to our physical condition and body health. So if you want to get the benefits of tea, you should avoid consuming it too much.

Source: Taken from the local market magazine and encyclopedia واجارو

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