Vaginal beauty operation

News i: Today we live in a period of beauty that is very important especially for women! Having a beautiful and beautiful appearance is everyone's wish, and fortunately there are many beautiful acts to achieve that. One of the beauty acts for women that many of you may not have ever encountered is vaginal beauty.

You women should pay as much attention to the beauty of your genitals as you care about the beauty of your face and limbs, in order to increase both self-esteem and to have a great marital life with your partner.

Vaginal augmentation surgery, which is called labioplasty, has many ways in which we read its variants together.

First of all, it is important to know the genital area in order to know exactly what it is.

Vaginal beauty operation

Types of lobster

The two areas involved in vaginal beauty practice are large and small lobes.

Major Labia: The major labia or outer labia is a dermal layer that extends from the Venus hill to the pubic bone to the perineum, which covers and protects sensitive and internal structures such as the vaginal opening, the labia minora, and the clitoris.

Minor Labia or Internal Labia: There are two layers of skin on each side of the vaginal opening between the labia major. Labia Minor varies in color and size among women. The labia minor extends from the clitoris downwards on both sides of the vaginal opening. Make a difference for women.

Occasionally, due to certain factors in some individuals, minor lobes become larger than the major lobes and become protruding, giving rise to a Nazi appearance, in which case a vaginal or labiaplasty is suggested.

What are the major causes of malnutrition in small lobes?

  • Some genetic or congenital causes
  • Hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy
  • giving birth
  • Sex

Why is vaginal beauty surgery necessary?

The shape of the proportional limbs and the lobes of the lady have different patterns and may change over time and cause problems. Large or uneven vaginal lips can cause many problems for women.

Some of these problems are as follows:

  • Pain during intercourse
  • Having a clean and beautiful appearance
  • Correction of apparent vaginal asymmetry
  • Low clitoris stimulation due to excess skin clitoris cap
  • Pain or discomfort during activities such as cycling
  • Discomfort when wearing tight clothing such as tights and jeans
  • Feeling stretched, abrasive and burning during exercise

The vaginal aesthetic procedure is performed in various ways as we have outlined below.

Vaginal beauty operation

1. Labioplasty

Labioplasty is performed in three ways, which may be complete anesthesia or local anesthesia.

Three common methods of labioplasty

Laser Labioplasty: In laser labioplasty, the incisions are laser-cut, which is why the surgeon has the ability to make very fine and precise cuts. This procedure is painless and bleeding.

Labioplasty with surgery: Labioplasty with surgery is a procedure that is performed with a razor blade. During this procedure, the physician removes the labia with a razor by marking the labia to remove extra parts. In the end, it stitches the remaining parts together.

Suffering: The non-surgical method of safering is performed using a special technology and special device, mostly in American and European countries. To perform saffroning, one must first be examined, examined and counseled before surgery. In the saffron method, the person does not feel pain and does this with the least amount of bleeding. It is also used to whiten and deform lobes as well as hemorrhoids.

2. Vaginal narrowing

Vaginal narrowing also has several ways:

Vaginal tightening with yarn or lifting

One of the methods of vaginal tightening is to tighten the vagina using yarn. One of the best methods in the world for tightening the vagina is by lifting the vaginal muscles using yarn. Vaginal tightening yarn provides perineal elevation in both directions. Two-way converging yarns make perineal muscle lifting conditions an outpatient surgery that will not even bleed and often without anesthesia and only with local anesthesia.

There are two ways to narrow the vagina with yarn or lifting:

  • Method One: Mechanical
  • Method Two: Collagenization

Mechanical method

The first method is a rapid procedure for this operation and in the short term will cause vaginal stricture. In this way the person's vagina is lifted and the amount of narrowing reaches an ideal level. In this way there is no need for anesthesia and it is free of any complications such as bleeding, pain and swelling.

Collagenization method

In the long run, this method will be more effective because by creating collagen in the vaginal area, the tissues in this area will return to their elasticity and take a better shape.

Vaginal beauty operation

Laser narrowing of the vagina

Laser therapy is one of the most common therapies available today, in which the laser treatment of the vagina is narrowed and hence the appearance of genitalia is improved. This procedure is completely painless and bleeding and is performed on an outpatient basis.

Vaginal narrowing with surgery

Vaginal narrowing is surgically performed in both perinorphic and vaginoplasty procedures. Vaginoplasty is used to treat relaxation and vaginal wall muscle weakness, but perinorphy is used for vaginal perineal rupture.

Vaginal narrowing by fat injection

In this way, the body's own fats are transplanted into the vaginal area. This procedure does not require general anesthesia and is performed with topical anesthesia without pain.

The Benefits of Vaginal Beauty

  • Correcting the shape of the genital area increases one's self-esteem.
  • They have a great role to play in improving sexual relationships.
  • Vaginal or vaginoplasty beauty can also improve pelvic floor muscles if taken with a laser.

Although cosmetic surgeries are aesthetically pleasing and, in many researchers' view, not therapeutic, some people's quality of life after cosmetic surgeries will increase and lead to a better life.

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