The most fascinating math tricks for children

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People’s relationship with math in their childhood has a great impact on whether they love or hate math!
What a child learns from mathematics at the age of 3 to 7 is the most important reason for his success in school.
First, your child needs to start thinking about math to get started. The main thing is to treat it like reading. That means making sure you talk to your child about math every day, just like trying to read a book to your child every day. Also make sure that the games your child plays have math.
There are many tricks for math learners, but according to research, the best of them is teaching math by playing in a happy environment.
In fact, the child will learn through play!
Many articles have talked about this, children learn mainly through play. This is an exciting and fun way to learn. We can use games to help children learn math in a fun way.

Reasons for not learning math

Assuming that all children have relative intelligence in learning mathematics, many factors cause them to not learn mathematics. Among the factors that prevent learning or incomplete learning of mathematics, the following can be mentioned:

  • Passive education (using outdated teaching methods and non-interactive teaching)
  • In fact, using serious methods that are not compatible with the child’s mood and teach him this lesson is one of the causes of lack of learning.
  • Another factor is the lack of sufficient and varied exercises, which makes the concepts do not fit deeply for children.

Math teaching strategies for children

There are many strategies that can be used to enhance the level of learning and deeper understanding of mathematical concepts when teaching mathematics.
Mother Lemon math We provide education in a way that children can easily learn math in a dynamic and enjoyable environment through play.
This site has a professional and principled design using the best methods.

Teaching math with lemon math

Mother Lemon math By designing a unique software with an attractive environment suitable for the age of children, we have provided a platform for your beloved children to grow up in it and their mathematical abilities will be increased day by day.

In software design, several factors have been considered, and knowing them is not without grace for you:

  • . Colorful space with sound and animation so that the child’s enthusiasm is not diminished
  • . The questions gradually become more difficult as the child’s scientific level develops
  • . Parents are taught to prepare their child before practice
  • . Daily reporting and recording of child exercises
  • . Reward the child to motivate progress

Now that we have taught you how to teach math to children, there is no reason why we should not introduce you to the challenges you face along the way.
One of the challenges you face in teaching math to your child is the fear of math, which we will explain more to you in the following, and you should also pay more attention!

Math Anxiety

The most sensitive age at which children may experience math anxiety and this Math Anxiety To carry with them for years, ages 3 to 7 years.
If you do not want your child to suffer from such fears, you must be very careful!
Lemon math with a friendly atmosphere design in the form of attractive games, not only ensures your child is enthusiastic, but also ensures a complete education and staying away from any fear in the coming years of their lives.

Symptoms of Math Anxiety in Children

Children who are afraid of math and experimenting Mathematical Anxiety are; They usually show a number of the following symptoms!
The role of math anxiety in your child’s future is so great that it must be recognized quickly and solutions can be devised to eliminate this anxiety!
If you see these symptoms in your child, you may need to pay a little more attention!

  • Sensory symptoms: Feeling helpless, lack of self-confidence, fear of getting things wrong
  • Physical symptoms: palpitations, irregular breathing, sweating, nail biting, upset stomach, nausea
  • Despair of solving math problems and fear of failure

The final word

We all strive to have smart children who show great intelligence and talent in learning lessons and math, and we like to see our child as a more talented and intelligent head and neck when we see him among other children. To know.
And our heart wants our child’s intelligence and talent to be somehow known to all his acquaintances and teachers.
Now, in this way, we have to work on our child’s creativity from childhood to increase these creativity by repeating and practicing.
And increase our child’s IQ.
We are with you in lemon math so that together we can strengthen our child’s mathematical intelligence and creativity.
So do not forget: “Math is as sweet as a lemon; Of course, if you learn it soon; “If not, it will be bitter.”

Lemon math boosts your child’s confidence from the ground up! “

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