Terms of use of medical devices at home

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These days, due to the spread of various diseases such as coronary, the need to use different medical equipment at home is felt more than ever, in this opportunity we want to introduce you to some of these essential devices.

Renting lung suction is a way to breathe better

The suction device uses a thin, flexible plastic tube called a counter to absorb secretions by creating a vacuum to open blocked airways. This discharge collects in a container connected to the device and empties after the suction operation is completed. In the following, we provide you with the features and specifications of this device.

Types of lung suction devices

This device, like most other medical devices, has a fixed type and a portable type; Fixed lung suctioning is a large and fixed device that is piped into operating rooms by antibacterial copper tubes in hospitals and is used. But Lung suction device Portable, portable and easily transportable to the desired location.

Therefore, this type of suction is used in homes, ambulances and clinics and some medical centers. Examples of portable suction are available on the doctor’s website that you can rent this device and use it under 24-hour training and services.

Familiarity with the ventilator

If the condition of breathing or the entry of oxygen into the blood is very difficult for you, it means that you have respiratory failure; Respiratory failure can be a life-threatening emergency. If you do not breathe well, your other organs will not have enough oxygen to function and carbon dioxide will increase, at this point you should use a ventilator. If your blood oxygen is low and your breathing conditions are unfavorable, doctors and specialists will use a ventilator for you.

This device is available in hospitals and medical centers, but if you need to use it for a long time, you must have a sample of it at home according to the required training. Of course from Ventilator device It is also used during surgery, because during anesthesia your respiratory pattern may be damaged and this device can solve this problem.

Operating process of the ventilator

The ventilator uses pressure to bring air and oxygen into the lungs. This pressure is known as positive pressure. You usually breathe the air alone, but sometimes a ventilator can do the same for you. This device can be set to operate several times per minute. Sometimes it is adjusted so that the device only enters the air into your lungs if it needs to breathe.

When you are in the hospital, they may give you oxygen through a mask before using this device and prevent you from feeling any pain by prescribing sleeping pills. Fluids and some medications are also recommended to help your flow to make it easier for your organs to receive oxygen.

Types of patient beds

Beds are produced in two types, electrical and mechanical. Types of hospital beds include the following:

  • Mechanical hospital beds: These beds are the simplest hospital beds. In these beds, the height and head and feet of the bed must be adjusted manually by a lever.
  • Electric or electronic hospital beds: In these beds, the overall height of the bed is adjusted automatically along with the head and foot settings of the bed.

Uses of wavy mattresses

One of the problems of patients who need long-term hospitalization can be bed sores. Unfortunately, patients and the elderly who are forced to lie down more than usual and have less mobility than other people suffer from bed sores.

This sore is caused by reduced blood flow to bony parts of the body such as the tail, heel, head and elbow. Patients who have to stay in bed for a long time and are unable to change their position in bed will develop bed sores if the necessary measures are not taken. One of the solutions to prevent this problem is to use wavy mattresses that circulate air under the patient and prevent the patient from getting bed sores.

Terms of use of medical devices at home

Tips to consider when preparing a patient bed

The first and most important point is that you must pay attention to the patient’s weight and bearing the weight of the bed. So that you do not get hurt and you can make the best use of it. If you are planning to buy an electric bed, the power of the motors is very important, so be sure to check the power of the motor and get help from our specialized consultants.

Also consider the disability and illness of the user as well as the duration of use so that you can make the best choice. Be sure to check all the control buttons, wheel brakes, fittings and side guards when the bed is electric, and try to test the power of the motors at the time of delivery by sitting or lying on it.

Features a good home patient bed

A home hospital bed should have special features and be technically suitable for moving and resting patients and the elderly. If you are not careful when buying a hospital bed, you may bother the patient, caregivers and staff.

So it’s better than that Rent a sick bed Be sure to have post-shift options, have a special mechanism for moving the patient, have side rails, be graded in terms of weight and volume to be covered, and finally have storage compartments for other medical equipment.

A great offer for you

The specialized group of equipping physicians has been formed to prevent non-standard purchases and rents for you, the sick and the elderly. This group tries to serve you dear ones with world-class standards by providing special services and medical equipment. To buy and rent the medical equipment you need, you can contact our communication channels, so that in addition to installing, using and maintaining these beds based on the patient’s weight and your need for special services for renting and buying, you can get acquainted with the easiest way. Get 24-hour consultation.

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