Is eyebrow implantation better or eyebrow tattoo?

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Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of the face, which greatly affects the beauty of the face. Due to the various factors that cause eyebrow hair loss and hair loss today, many people try to restore the beauty of their face. Eyebrow transplantation Or tattoo eyebrows. as you know Eyebrow transplantation A very new and innovative way to repair lost eyebrow strands, choosing between implants or tattoos has confused many people. In this article, we are going to examine the differences between eyebrow implants and tattoos and finally tell you which method is better to regain eyebrow beauty. Help us continue this article.

Eyebrow implantation and its shape and natural state

What is eyebrow implantation?

Eyebrow implants are done just like hair transplants, except that eyebrow implants require more precision and delicacy. During the eyebrow transplantation process, grafts are taken from the sides of the ear or next to the ear and implanted with great precision in different parts of the eyebrow. After implantation, the eyebrow hairs grow naturally in the direction of eyebrow growth; Of course, it goes without saying that eyebrow loss occurs after implantation and during the recovery period after surgery.

Today, with the advancement of science and technology, using modern and specialized methods Eyebrow transplantation Do. As mentioned above, eyebrow transplantation is just like hair transplantation; Therefore, planting is done in two ways, FUE and SUT. In these two methods, the method of implantation and grafting is different and also its complications and cost are different.

Investigating the advantages and disadvantages of natural eyebrow implants and transplants

Definitely act Eyebrow transplantation It has many benefits in addition to beauty. These benefits make it difficult for people to cope with the difficulty and cost of surgery to regain their beauty. But in any case, each surgery has advantages as well as advantages. In the following, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of this practice.

Benefits of eyebrow transplantation

  • Planting and transplanting in one session only
  • The naturalness of the result
  • Durability and long shelf life after planting
  • Very few risks and side effects

Disadvantages of eyebrow transplantation

  • Severe bleeding during implantation
  • Low density of eyebrow hairs
  • Armpit surgery to remove the graft
  • Swelling of the face and eyes and nose

Given the advantages and disadvantages of eyebrow implants, you can choose whether this method is suitable for repairing your eyebrow imperfections or not. But in general we have to point out that Eyebrow transplantation Compared to other methods of repairing eyebrow defects, it has a more natural state and gives your face a natural beauty.

What is an eyebrow tattoo?

From the past to the present, eyebrow tattoos have been used to shape and fill in thin areas of the eyebrows. In this process, the tattoo dye is applied to the skin of the eyebrow hair with special needles to restore the eyebrow condition. You certainly know that today there are several methods for eyebrow tattoos that are chosen according to the taste and choice of the person and the skin type. According to the new methods that are available today to eliminate eyebrow imperfections, eyebrow tattoo is an older method. There are several methods for eyebrow tattoos, including: regular tattoo, micropigmentation, shading, microbleeding, eyebrow shading, eyebrow shadow and fibrosis. In each of the mentioned methods, the work style is different and in fact none of the methods have the same result.

Do eyebrow tattoos in different ways

Do eyebrow tattoos in different ways

Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of eyebrow tattoos

Generally different methods Eyebrow tattoo Can be considered as a temporary makeup; Because over time, tattoos need to be repaired. In the past, old tattoos were common to remove eyebrow imperfections, which, as you know, gave the eyebrows an abnormal shape and form. Tattoo techniques have changed a lot today. For example, in eyebrow tattoos with the fibrosis method, the hairless and defective areas of the eyebrows are filled with a very beautiful and natural method. But in general, the advantages and disadvantages of eyebrow tattoos can be summarized as follows:

Benefits of eyebrow tattoos

  • Beauty part of the shape and general condition of the eyebrows
  • No need to use eyebrow cosmetics
  • The price is right
  • Spend less time doing tattoos

Disadvantages of eyebrow tattoos

  • It fades and fades over time
  • Possibility of infection
  • Possibility of allergies
  • Its non-permanence and short duration
  • Need care

Due to the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above, you can get a tattoo to eliminate your hair loss and eyebrow imperfections. It should be noted here that the skin type is very important in the durability and beauty of the tattoo.

Comparing eyebrow tattoos with eyebrow implants

In the article you read, Eyebrow transplantation And we examined the eyebrow tattoo and mentioned its advantages and disadvantages. It is no exaggeration to say that good or bad implants or tattoos depend on your choice. Many people do not tolerate the pain of surgery and recovery after it; So these people can use eyebrow tattoos to beautify their eyebrows. On the other hand, there are many others who can not spend a few months in between to repair their eyebrows and their skin type is such that tattoos will not last on their skin. Due to these conditions, eyebrow transplantation is more suitable for these people.

Eyebrow transplantation is one of the new and updated methods compared to eyebrow tattoos and gives eyebrows a more natural look. In addition, eyebrow strands will grow normally and have a higher durability.

Where to plant eyebrows?

Eyebrow implantation is one of the most sensitive cosmetic procedures due to its very significant effects on the appearance of people. For this reason, people are hesitant to choose their medical center.

Our recommendation is to perform cosmetic procedures in centers that have the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Health. Also, by looking at the past work samples of each clinic, you can be somewhat sure of the quality of their work.

Arian Sima Eyebrow Implant Clinic Having the necessary licenses and also using experienced medical staff can give you the most desirable results.

  Directions of eyebrow fibers in implantation

Directions of eyebrow fibers in implantation

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