Introducing some famous brands of men’s perfumes and colognes

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Perfume and cologne is one of the most important parts of every man’s lifestyle that has a great impact on the mentality of others towards him. Using a good men’s perfume and cologne, in addition to making you more attractive, also relieves stress and leads to more self-confidence and reassurance. However, according to studies, about 80% of men still do not use perfume and cologne. In the continuation of this article from Motan, we want to first acquaint you with the types of perfumes and colognes, and then introduce 5 of the best brands of perfumes and colognes for men. Finally, we will tell you how to choose and buy the right men’s perfume and cologne to help you experience a safe purchase with the lowest price and the highest durability.

Scents and olfactory notes of various perfumes and colognes

Perfumes and colognes have three different parts or three lasting notes, and as they reach the final notes, they lose their scent. The three perfume notes are divided into three categories: top note, middle note and base note:

Top note

This note is the lightest and the first fragrance that you can smell immediately after use. The shelf life of this note is between 15 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours. Top notes are usually composed of aromas such as light flowers, citrus, fruit, powder, seaweed and spices such as cinnamon.

Middle note

The middle or middle note represents the main element of the perfume and is created after the top note is cleared. The shelf life of this note is between 3 hours to a maximum of 5 hours. The middle note is usually composed of scents such as heavy flowers such as jasmine or green scents such as grass or stone. Spicy aromas can also be included in this note.

Base note

The base note is the last thing to be inhaled. This note is more durable than previous notes and is usually felt between 1 and 5 days. Base notes are usually sandalwood, moss, vetiver, vanilla, bitumen, leather, smoke, tobacco and musk.

Introducing 5 famous brands of men’s perfumes and colognes

The most famous and best-selling brands of men’s perfumes and colognes include the following:

Bleu De Chanel Men’s Eau de Toilette Smart Collection

Perfume and cologne Smart Collection With its pleasant scent, it satisfies even the most demanding tastes. The glass of this perfume has multiplied its charm. In the initial notes of this perfume, you will notice the smell of laden, nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood and peppermint, which increase your energy. Gradually, the middle note replaces the initial note and the smell of mint, jasmine, grapefruit, lemon and wheezing fills your nostrils. As a final note, the smell of incense, cedar and red pepper becomes the lasting note of this perfume.

Ajmal Shadow Men Eau de Parfum

Ajmal perfume and cologne It is one of the special perfumes that has many fans. This perfume will fascinate you with its bitter and warm scent. The main notes of this product are composed of sage, whistle, peppermint, sandalwood, musk and smoky scents and bring you a pleasant feeling and unparalleled warmth in the cold seasons of the year.

Espada Nero Men Eau de Toilette

This product has a spicy and sweet aroma and its structure uses citrus fruits, aromatic plants and spices. In the initial notes of this eau de parfum, you will notice the smell of citrus and grapefruit, which increase your energy. In the middle note, the scent of black cumin, patchouli, aromatic herbs and raspberries fills your nostrils, and the final note, which consists of amber, grass, poultry and musk, brings a pleasant scent.

Men Eau de parfum Creed Aventus model

Ontus Men’s Fragrance is composed of pleasant aromas of citrus, flowers, fruits, aromatic plants, smoky, earth and vanilla and wood. As soon as you spray this perfume on your pulse, you will notice the scent of orange, black grape, pineapple and green apple, which awakens a sense of freshness and vitality in you. The middle note with the scent of patchouli, rose and jasmine, will convey sweetness and warmth to you at the same time. In the final note, a combination of musk, amber, okmus and vanilla conveys a good feeling to those around.

Eau de parfum John Wayne Senator Silver

This product has a spicy and cool scent and aromatic plants have been used in its structure. In the initial notes of this eau de parfum, you will notice the scent of lavender, green apple and grapefruit, which increase your energy. Middle notes are basil, clove, geranium and sage to fill your nostrils, and the final note, which consists of jasmine, peppermint and cedar, has a pleasant scent. Using this perfume on hot days of the year increases self-confidence and excitement.

How to choose and buy the right men’s perfume and cologne

You are the best person to know which perfume is right for you. Never let others choose your perfume or cologne, instead ask them for their opinions on your decision and choices. If they think the scent you have chosen is not good and does not smell good, change your mind and go for another perfume and cologne. Other important points to consider include the following:

  • You can only test one scent on your wrist, no more.
  • Do not rely on store paper testers, as they only show the base notes.
  • In order to be able to inhale different aromas, use tea and coffee between each inhalation.
  • Use perfume and cologne on dry skin.
  • It is better to use perfume in warm areas of the body; Because body heat leads to a long-lasting fragrance.

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