Important tips for choosing hair color based on skin color and tonnage

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Which hair color suits you best and which one is not right for you? The answer to this question will determine whether you are more beautiful or not, and since we care about your beauty, with this comprehensive guide, we will introduce the best hair color for your tonnage and skin color.

Is your skin light or dark?

The first thing to consider when choosing a hair color based on skin color is whether your skin color is light, dark or medium or so-called white, tan or wheaten.

The answer to this question will only be found when you do not wear makeup and look at your skin in natural sunlight, which fortunately does not require special care and will be easily identified. Just unlike skin tonnage.

Recognize the tonnage of your skin

So far, we know that everyone has a different skin color, which is divided into three groups: light, dark and medium. But what is skin tonnage and how does it differ from skin color? Undertones determine the tonnage of the skin or the tonnage hidden under the color of your skin, which can play a very important role in choosing the color of your hair.

In order to be able to find the tonnage of your skin and see if you have a warm, cold or neutral tonnage, we will introduce you to two methods that are simpler than the others.

In the first method Just look at the inside of your wrist in natural daylight and see if your veins are more purple or blue or green and yellow. If your veins are closer to blue and purple, your skin tone is cold, and if they are green and yellow, you have a warm tone. Even if you can’t tell if the veins are blue or green and the green is blue, you have a neutral tonnage.

In the second method Do a simple test. Get a gold bracelet or ring and a silver bracelet or ring and see which one suits your skin best. If both come in the same size, you have a neutral tonnage. If silver makes you more beautiful, it has a cold tonnage, and if gold makes you more beautiful, you have a warm tonnage.

Before choosing a hair color, we suggest that you first determine in which group your skin color is and what its tonnage is. This works when Buy dark, light or combination hair color It will put all the right options in front of you and remove the bad ones.

Choose hair color based on skin tonnage

Important tips for choosing hair color based on skin color and tonnage

Just like toning your skin, hair color can be cool, warm or neutral. As can be seen from the above, cold skin tones have streaks of blue, red and pink; While warm tonnages have yellow, gold and peach colors.

Some people believe that to choose a hair color based on tonnage, you should go for a hair color that is the opposite of skin tonnage. This means that if your skin tone is warm, cold hair color will make you more beautiful, but the fact is that this rule is not 100%. Some hairdressers recommend that hair color should not be too different from your skin tone in the end so that it can give more natural results and make your natural beauty.

In the following, we will make 9 simple divisions according to the points we have said so far about skin color and its tonnage, that is, we will bring each skin color with three tonnages that it can have and explain about its suitable hair color.

  1. Light skin color with cool tonnage

One of the interesting things about light-skinned people is that they can go for light hair color just as lightly. That’s why using cool blonde tones like platinum and a color called Baby Blonde works great for these people.

Unlike the above colors, these people should not go for very hot tones of hair color such as copper, caramel and gold, because it makes their beauty look unnatural.

In addition to platinum, the use of fancy colors such as lilac and ice and in some cases blue is also recommended for these people; Of course, if they have the patience to use hair dye shampoo to increase the durability of their fancy hair color, otherwise their choice will be limited. More tips on hair coloring at home Read in this article.

  1. Light skin color with warm tonnage

If you find yourself in the light-warm group after the methods we introduced earlier, welcome honey-butter hair color with a slight tonality of orange, copper red, red with brown, gold-blonde and caramel streaks. Unlike the previous group, however, one should not go for colors with tonnage of beige and blue. Also, it is better for these people not to go for crow-colored black hair because it is in opposition to the color and tonnage of their skin and will not create an attractive image.

  1. Light skin color with neutral tonnage

If you are in the light-neutral group, blonde, platinum-blonde and other classic colors are ideal for you. The important thing is to be careful that there is no trace of blue in the lower tonnages of your hair color; Because it may not come to you as it should. Also, dark brown can be a color that makes you more beautiful.

  1. Medium skin with cold tonnage

If your skin color is medium, you will get almost any hair color; It is just better to stay away from very dark hair colors. People with brown hair can use light brown hair dye or go for hazelnut. For people whose hair is blonde, using sandy or beige highlights will have great and natural results. If you are a fan of red, it is better to use cinnamon and oak tonnages.

  1. Medium skin with warm tonnage

Important tips for choosing hair color based on skin color and tonnage

One of the best hair colors that works for people with medium skin and warm tonnage is Bronde; A combination of Brown and Blonde coffees. This hair color is almost the best hair color that comes to these people. Warm tonnage and light brown-gold tonnage are also ideal for these people. Copper and gold-red will also be among the choices of people with warm skin tonnage and medium color.

  1. Medium skin with neutral tonnage

If you are in this group, a combination of hair color with cold and hot tonnage will have a good result for you, and to achieve this result, we suggest ballage. You can also use golden hair dye for more beauty. If your skin is medium but has dark olive streaks, stay away from colors like dark blonde and light brown.

  1. Dark skin with a variety of tonnages

Those with dark skin tones and warm tones are better off using caramel and golden-brown colors. But if their skin tone is cold, use full black, brown-brown and dark brown instead of these colors. Finally, if you have a neutral tonality and your skin color is dark, use hazelnut and red oak hair color to increase your beauty.

To achieve the color of a natural problem or crow’s black, you can do it yourself and using Color shampoo from brands such as Subaru or Dumasi Preserve your black color. The use of fancy colors such as platinum, pink and peach is usually not recommended for people with dark skin tones.

An easy way to test the best hair color for the face

If you are still unsure which colors are best for you, do not forget to use hair dye spray. These temporary sprays come in a variety of colors, such as olive, red, and ice, and will fade with each wash. You can use these sprays to determine the best option for yourself and then go to the main hair color.

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