How to Manage Your Anxiety? 6 Best Ways to Control Anxiety

How to Manage Your Anxiety?

Anxiety control This is probably what makes you better at work, study, or life The main solution to anxiety management What is?

How do we keep up with irrational career expectations, social lives full of commitment and responsibility, and health issues beyond our knowledge? No wonder our world today is called the age of anxiety. But do you know that your stress levels are more related to your DNA than your senior boss ?!

Anxiety disorders are inherited, according to the American Anxiety and Depression Association. A study published in Year 1 in Molecular Psychology shows that there is a link between anxiety disorders such as OCD and the genes we inherit from our parents, which resemble the type of inheritance in eye and hair color. Therefore, anxious parents, ie, anxious parenting and anxious adult.

Of course, our anxiety is a good thing in many ways. This feeling of chronic tension is something that keeps us alert and careful when preparing for something important and motivates us to step up in the competition and cross the finishing line of two to ten kilometers. But anxiety abnormalities, to some extent, destroy our healthy stress and become a serious problem.

And if anxiety is in your gene, you may have all of the unpleasant side effects, such as headaches, sleep disorders, or loss of libido. But even if you have anxious and depressed parents, you're not condemned to always have stress. We have six tips for you to relax.

  1. Face your fears.

Some therapists have found that one of the key weapons in the fight against stress is the ability to cope with our fears. Anxiety is largely a mismatch between the threat received and your ability to overcome it.

So if you learn to deal with your fears earlier and often, you can overcome them. Afraid of heights? Sign up for a rock climbing class or bouldering club and get used to the challenge.

  1. Pause and control the anxiety.

When your anxiety starts, take a breath and take a deep breath. You can enjoy the sun every morning, or pause and meditate for five minutes when your stress begins, stopping, breathing deeply, and clearing your mind can have a huge impact.

  1. Sleep to control anxiety.

A study by the University of California, Berkeley has found that insomnia aggravates your anxiety. When the brain is deprived of sleep, it deceives the various areas into a process of thinking that you have something to worry about. And those who worry early on are also more vulnerable to the condition, so have a good 3 to 7-hour sleep every night.

  1. Control and control the sudden desire within you.

The short news is: You can't control everything. Anxiety begins when we try to control situations or outcomes that we do not really have influence over. So accept this advice and let go! Focus on the results that under control It is up to you to reduce your growing fear.

  1. Take care of your drinks.

If you are already experiencing a storm of anxiety, the last thing you want to do is drink a cup of coffee. High caffeine has been shown to increase anxiety and depression in a stressed person. If you struggle to stay calm, don't drink more than one cup of coffee a day.

  1. Ask yourself, "What if …?"

What do you really fear so much? One of the most popular techniques used by therapists to control negative emotions is to make the patient question themselves. ” Where's my biggest fear really coming from? "," How likely is it to happen? "," How will I deal with it if it does? ". Drag yourself into the worst-case scenario, where you can control the reality to a great extent.

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