How to make your short nails beautiful for parties?

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Although having long nails always looks beautiful and attractive, we can not always keep our nails long and sometimes we have to shorten them. Long nails are always prone to damage and breakage, and many things are hygienically difficult to do with them. However, you can also be beautiful with short nails. Provided you take good care of them. Here are some ways to beautify short nails at parties and gatherings.

  1. Nail file

Even if your nails are short, they need to be scraped, and you should do this by maintaining the symmetry of your nails and giving them a round, smooth or rectangular shape according to your taste. The corners of short nails should be round because there is a possibility of breaking their sharp corners or they may get stuck in your clothes.

To choose a razor, it is better to use a fine-grained razor, but this razor for artificial nails should be coarse and firm. It is also better to choose a razor that has two different roughness levels. If your nails are very short, it is better not to use long artificial nails and go for shorter types so that they do not break if you use a razor. After scraping your natural nails, you can use simple and colorless or girly artificial nails with pink, red, etc. colors. Get through this link.

  1. Scrape in one direction

It is always best to scrape your nails in one direction only and go from the side to the center. Remember not to pull the razor back and forth again as this is a very common mistake and can cause cracks and fractures on the nail. Be careful not to dig deep into the edges of the nail as this will weaken the nail wall. Gently move from the edge to the center of the scraper to reach the desired shape. For more guidance read this article The correct steps of nail file read.

  1. Use a moisturizer

Stylish and colorful summer nail design

It is better to use a strong emollient cream on short nails and apply it to all parts of the hand, especially the surface of the nail and around it. Do not forget the tips of your fingers and after using the cream, wait a while until the fat is completely absorbed by your skin and nails.

  1. Put nails in water

Fill a bowl with warm water and add some gel body shampoo and stir to dissolve. Then dip your fingertips into the bowl to the end of the first string and wait for 5 minutes. This will help keep your short nails soft and clean and leave no dirt under them.

  1. Use buffer

Using a nail buffer will polish your nails and help the nail polish sit more beautifully on your nails at this stage. Use one Girl’s nail polish white or black It can be set with any color of ball gown and you do not need to apply other designs.

  1. Retracting the nail cuticle

In order for your short nails to look taller, it is better to show their oysters longer. You can slightly push back the cuticle part of the nail. Of course, you should be careful not to do too much because this will damage the skin around your nails and increase the risk of infection and sores.

  1. Amber nail design

This design is a relatively new design and is very popular among girls and ladies. To have amber design nails on short nails, you should use two colors of varnish and apply the second varnish in the form of a shadow with the help of a sponge on the first varnish and complete it. This model of nail design shows your nails more elongated and beautiful with visual error.

  1. Crown nail design

The most beautiful summer nail design

Another way you can make your short nails more attractive is to use a wreath. To do this, you can use varnishes that have a crown. Or apply ordinary varnish and sprinkle a wreath on it. Wreaths are available in different colors and sizes from very large to small and give a special beauty and charm to the nails.

  1. Spray design

Sometimes we do not have the patience to use delicate work on the nails and using other techniques will help to make the nails more beautiful. To do this, use a simple color for the base varnish and create beautiful designs on the nails by using at least two varnishes that are spraying. This method, of course, has a lot of dirt and it is better to do it in a place that does not need cleaning.

  1. Accompanying nail glue

Even if you have short nails, since you have taken a long time to get their size and shape, it is better to be careful about breaking them, and if something happens to them, use a special glue. Nail glue is available in all cosmetic stores and it is better to always have it with you and be careful not to get your hands contaminated with the glue.

  1. Suitable width of the nail head

Some nails become triangular when lifted, but inverted. This means that the nails are wider than the other parts, especially their base, and in this way, your nails will not look beautiful and will be shown short and thick. If your nails look like this, you need to trim the corner so that the nail heads are as wide as the other parts.

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