How to choose the right cream powder for your skin?

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As you know, powder cream is one of the most widely used cosmetics that forms the basis of makeup and has a significant impact on the overall beauty of makeup. However, since factors such as texture, color, matte or gloss, and skin type must be considered when buying this cosmetic product, it may be difficult to choose the right powder cream from the many brands available in the job market. . In this article, we are going to point out the features of the best velvet powder cream and thus help you in deciding to buy the right powder cream for your skin.

Choose the best powder cream

When choosing this cosmetic product, you must pay attention to the following two points:

1- Since people with different skin types are normal, combination, oily and dry, therefore, due to the difference in skin type, they should choose this cosmetic product according to their skin type, otherwise they will definitely have problems. . Therefore, the first step in choosing a powder cream is to determine the type of skin. For example, if you have oily skin and use a powder cream for dry skin, your face will become very shiny and you may even have skin problems such as pimples.

2- Color Cream The one you choose should be in perfect harmony with the color of your skin so that it does not create a duality in your appearance and the necessary color proportion is established. For this purpose, be sure to test it before buying this product. For this purpose, be careful not to test the powder cream on your hand because the skin color of the hand is different from the face and the best place to test is the jawbone.

The best velvet powder cream

Audience matte powder cream

Basically, people with oily or combination skin, whose T-area of ​​the face, ie forehead, nose and chin, becomes oily, apply the cream of matte and velvety powders. The skin of these people usually shines a few hours after makeup or they may even apply powder cream on their face. Therefore, these people sometimes prefer not to use powder cream or be sure to use powder cream that has a matte and velvety effect on their skin, but choosing a matte powder cream can satisfy them completely.

The most important features of a velvet powder cream

  • Since the target of this type of cream powder is most people with oily and combination skin and a lot of fat is secreted in the skin of these people, so it can be said that one of the most important features of matte powder cream is having a light texture that after use Do not weigh down the skin and do not cause the skin to sag.
  • Another important feature of this type of powder cream is the use of a formulation containing fat-absorbing substances to help the skin absorb fat and the skin does not shine after a few hours of makeup. At the same time, this powder cream should not cause dry skin.
  • These cream powders should be resistant to perspiration and moisture and keep the skin velvety and matte. However, its formulation should not block the pores of the skin.
  • Definitely one of the important features of any velvet powder cream is having SPF to protect your skin from harmful rays of sunlight, free radicals and of course environmental damage.
  • Another feature of the best matte and velvety powder cream is that the formulation contains open pore shrinking compounds. Powder cream that has this property with its therapeutic effect helps to shrink skin pores over time.
  • Another important feature that you should pay attention to when buying a matte powder cream is that it should have the phrase “oil-free” on it.

Tip: Always try to make sure that the velvet powder cream stays on your skin because the durability and durability of makeup on the face of most people with oily and combination skin is not high.

Finally it should be said that most people have oily and combination skin Buy powder cream They like velvet so that the fat on their face skin is not visible during makeup. However, sometimes there are people who do not have any defects in their skin, except for the problem of fat and shiny face, and only for this reason, they use powder cream.

Introducing cream powders

Ninety Air Dior Serum Powder Cream

Ninety Air Dior Serum Powder Cream SPF 25, Is a unique serum powder cream with a light structure that brings you a makeup with a natural effect. This cosmetic product, which is a pioneer in the field of natural makeup, has an air-style serum and velvet structure that covers all skin imperfections and imperfections well.

Miracle Lancome Air Powder Cream

Miracle Lancome SPF 15 Air Powder Cream is a liquid powder cream with a unique structure. This product is the first powder cream produced by this brand, which has an extremely light structure, a powder cream with an air-light structure that, after use on the skin, makes the face a B It will have flaws and defects and at the same time it will be completely natural.

Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Powder Cream

Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Powder Cream is a product of the French brand Yves Saint Laurent. This product is a unique powder cream that stays on the skin for 24 hours and its light texture makes you not feel any effect on your skin during this time.

Cream Powder Like Dal Pupa

Like Adal Popa powder cream is one of the most popular products of this Italian brand. There are many people today who are looking for a light powder cream with a suitable cover for daily use. A powder cream that, in addition to being light, is also durable and long-lasting. Like Adal Popa Powder Cream has met all these expectations.

Ninety Art Deco Velvet Powder Cream

Nod Art Deco Velvet Powder Cream is a product of the German brand Art Deco. This wonderful powder cream has a light and liquid texture that gives a very natural and velvety effect to the skin after use. Ninety Velvet Powder Cream contains powder particles that remove excess oil from the skin and give a matte effect to the face without causing stretch and dryness.

Matt Black Diamond Mai non-greasy matte powder cream

Matt Black Diamond non-greasy matte powder cream my, Is a good choice for oily, combination and acne prone skin. Therefore, it can be easily renewed throughout the day and with a long shelf life, it gives a completely natural, matte, even and even appearance to the skin.. Due to the large number of colors and a wide range, it can be easily used by everyone.

This Lee matte powder cream

This Lee matte powder cream is a product of the Iranian brand In Lee. This product has a soft and velvety texture; Therefore, it keeps the skin of the face dull during the day and prevents the skin from shining. Using this powder cream is suitable for oily and combination skin.


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