Hair transplantation second stage Second time hair transplant

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Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is known as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. What has led people to hair transplant clinics is the frequent loss of hair and baldness in various areas of the head.

How to do Hair transplantation And the steps of this cosmetic procedure vary depending on the technique and method of hair transplantation and is usually done in one or two sessions. But in general, hair transplantation means restoring the lost hair on the head, which can lead to complete satisfaction for the clients.

Hair transplantation second stage  Second time hair transplant

Is hair transplantation done in one step?

Many cosmetic procedures, especially injections, need to be repaired and repeated to bring the desired results to the person. Because these operations are reversible and return to the preoperative state over time.

Hair transplantation may also need to be repeated. Although the implanted follicles are permanent and do not shed for years, the results of the operation may not be acceptable to the patient due to the high extent of the baldness. In these cases, the second stage hair transplant may be performed with the opinion of a doctor.

Is a second stage hair transplant possible for everyone?

As mentioned, hair transplantation is usually done in one step. But sometimes people may want to have a second hair transplant. You should know that the second stage of hair transplantation requires special conditions and can be done according to the doctor. Conditions such as the condition of the hair bank, the previous hair transplant method used and the absence of diseases that damage the hair transplant process and can be dangerous.

The best method for hair transplantation is the second stage

Hair transplantation is done in different ways. Methods that each have advantages and disadvantages and is chosen by the doctor for each person depending on his condition and needs.

The best method of hair transplantation is super fue, then by examining other methods of hair transplantation and considering the advantages and disadvantages of each, you can find out which method is more suitable for the second stage hair transplant.

Hair transplantation by fut method

One of the most famous and well-known Hair transplant methods is fut. This method begins by removing a thin strip from the back of the head and separating the follicular units from it, and in fact the hair removal step from the hair bank is done like this. At first glance, it looks scary, and the thought of cutting and separating hair with the scalp can be very painful. Also, the location of the sutures in the harvesting area can be quite unpleasant.

The use of advanced and modern medical tools can greatly reduce these disadvantages and not feel so much pain during hair transplantation.

One of the advantages of this method is the use of a large number of follicles. It is completely practical for people who have a large area of ​​baldness and can bring natural density and sleep to the implanted hair.

Hair transplant by fit method

In hair transplantation by fit method, follicular units are removed from the bank one by one. These units are then transferred to the implantation areas and after a few months grow completely naturally and the hair life cycle returns to normal.

In this method, because the hair is removed one by one from the hair bank, if the staff and the doctor of the hair bank are not able to do so, it will be severely damaged and will be irreversible for the next stages of hair transplantation and repair.

Therefore, it is recommended that if you intend to do a hair transplant in a fit method, you do the necessary research in choosing a medical center.

In this method, which is performed completely without bleeding and anesthesia, there is no need to cut and remove the tape from behind, so no stitches remain.

Hair transplant sut:

This hair transplant method is similar to the fit method, with the difference that all the steps are done with the help of hair transplant ligaments and with modern hair transplant tools. One of the main advantages of this method is the high speed of the operation.

Super fue hair transplant:

In this method, hair transplantation, which is done in a combination of fit and fut, achieves the highest density and the most natural growth line. The high number of implants is permanent and does not cause hair loss, so if hair transplantation is done with this method, the possibility of needing a second stage hair transplant is greatly reduced.

Hair transplantation second stage  Second time hair transplant

Which method is more appropriate in the second stage?

As mentioned, super fue is the best method because by doing hair transplantation in this way, it does not get to the point where you need to do hair transplantation again. At Arian Sima Skin and Hair Clinic The super fue method is used to receive the best results and satisfaction of applicants.

But if you have had a hair transplant before and now you still feel that you do not have proper hair, it is better to consult a doctor who specializes in hair transplantation. If you have a suitable hair bank, you can do the second step with the fit hair transplant method and reach a high density.

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