Guide to choosing the best laser hair removal device

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Choosing the best laser hair removal device varies according to the type of skin and hair color for each person. However, newer technologies, such as Sculpium Medium Star Pro, are designed to be suitable for all skin types and are able to remove excess hair in different colors, which is described in this article.

Today, laser hair removal has become popular as a cost-effective and permanent solution to remove unwanted body hair. However, with the increasing popularity of laser treatment for excess hair, the number of available devices has also increased and therefore it is important to know the best laser hair removal device.

In this article, we will compare different types of professional laser hair removal devices to help you know which is the best laser hair removal device and which is the most suitable according to your needs.

Types of laser hair removal devices

Despite the wide range of hair removal laser devices, it is difficult to determine which professional technology is best for your needs. In general, most hair removal laser devices rely on skin pigment and hair pigment. Laser hair technologies target excess hair pigments, raising the temperature of the hair roots high enough to damage the hair follicle, without affecting the surrounding tissue.

Due to the use of thick and powerful laser beams, this will damage the hair follicles enough that the hair will no longer be able to grow and you will end up with smooth, hairless skin. Depending on the skin and hair of each patient, the laser specialist can guide you in choosing the right laser system for each person’s needs. Some of the most common laser hair removal devices include the following.

1- Alexandrite laser

Device Alexandrite laser Alexandrite is fast, efficient and unique in laser hair removal. It is the fastest and best laser device on the market and is a suitable choice for treating large areas of the body in people with light to olive skin color and for both light to medium hair types.

Guide to choosing the best laser hair removal device

For the laser to work effectively, the pulses must be fast, which increases discomfort during treatment. The average time required for each alexandrite laser hair removal treatment session is approximately 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. Many people choose this device to remove hair from large areas of the body quickly and safely.

2- Diode laser

Diode laser 810 nm During the treatment, it can emit short and long light light for both light and medium hair types and on light to medium skin types. This laser technology requires several short treatment sessions without time intervals.

Guide to choosing the best laser hair removal device

3- Ruby laser

Ruby Laser 695 nm is one of the oldest and least used technologies currently on the market. However, this laser has been widely used for many years because it is able to effectively and safely remove unwanted hair with minimal side effects.

Ruby laser is a great choice for light or fine hair but should not be used on dark and tanned skin. An important point about ruby ​​lasers is that the delay between laser pulses can be customized to minimize the discomfort of each patient during treatment. This leads to selective damage to the hair follicles and keeps the skin around the treatment area safe and painless.

4- Nd: YAG laser

Technology Laser ND Yag The nanometer is suitable for treating excess hair in people who have very concentrated melanin areas, because this laser has a slower rate of melanin absorption than other devices. The longer wavelengths used in this technology allow melanin pigment to penetrate the skin and hair.

Guide to choosing the best laser hair removal device

Taken together, these two unique features make this technology the most effective way to get rid of excess hair in people with darker skin tones. It has also been shown that this type of laser is not effective in treating light or fine hair due to its tendency to target concentrated areas of melanin pigmentation.

The best laser hair removal device for dark skin

While there are many technologies that claim to treat dark hair effectively, the best laser hair removal device for dark hair is the Nd: YAG 1064 nm laser.

This laser is the most effective technology for excess hair on dark skin and people who get a tan, because it can detect low contrast between hair and skin and remove excess hair effectively and safely with unparalleled ease.

The best laser hair removal device for light or blonde hair

Light hair, such as blond or gray hair, is more difficult to treat with laser hair removal because, given the limited amount of pigment in light hair, some laser technologies are not effective in detecting and destroying hair follicles.

Two effective laser hair removal devices are effective for light and blonde hair, including the GentleMax Pro, which uses Alexandrite 755 nm technology, and the Lumenis LightSheer DUET, which uses 810nm diode. These technologies have been proven to be very successful in permanently removing lighter hair.


Scalpion Medium Star Pro is the best high-power diode laser technology, which is a reliable and user-friendly technology, using multiple wavelength technology and a unique combination of 810/940 nm and variable pulse length (3-400 mA). S) and a highly efficient 360-degree cooling system ensures safe treatment of all skin types and has become the most advanced hair removal technique.

The Multi-Wave feature in Medium Star Pro gives physicians more flexibility in treating dark or normal skin types. An innovative technology developed by Asclepion to meet the needs of patients and physicians around the world.

MeDio Star PRO has a special handpiece that is strong and flexible with a spot size of 1.4 cm, which is easily used to remove excess hair with high accuracy in difficult areas such as the upper lip or bikini line and greater penetration depth. Provides for the removal of deep hair follicles. This device is also equipped with integrated skin cooling.

All these features make scalping treatment more effective, faster and smoother than other devices.

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