Essential tips and tools for curling hair at home

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Usually, people with curly hair love straight hair, and people with straight hair like to have curly and wavy hair. If you are in the second category, this article is written for you and will help you to have wavy and curly hair by providing methods and introducing the tools you need.

  1. Wash your hair with a special shampoo

The hair type of people with straight hair is usually oily, and straight hair reduces the time it takes for scalp fat to reach the roots and hair shaft. This is why people with straight hair should wash their hair as soon as possible. Our strong advice is to do these important things in the bathroom before curling your hair:

  • Be sure to wash your hair with a special shampoo for oily hair to remove all grease and dirt and the hair does not start to secrete oil and straighten immediately after curling.
  • Never wash your hair with hot or even hot water and try to use lukewarm or cold water to delay the secretion of fat for a longer time and not irritate the sebaceous glands of the scalp.
  • Instead of using a heavy hair mask, use a regular conditioner and apply only conditioner to the bottom of your hair. A strong hair mask and conditioner does not allow straight hair to take on another shape, leaving it heavy and bare.
  1. Use a hair dryer?

Essential tips and tools for curling hair at home

You can not have a beautiful curl on untidy hair. So there is nothing wrong with drying your hair using a cool blow dryer and slightly untangling the knots; But you should not do this until your hair is too bare and no longer styled. For this reason, using a rotating brush does not seem like a good idea. It is also better to provide a hair dryer that must be able to adjust various temperatures and allow you to use the fast and cool wind for emergencies. تHey, a hair dryer from Babylon, Max or Princeley brand It will provide you with these features.

  1. Do we have to have an oven?

It is true that having a hair styling device is essential to having perfectly curly hair; But if you can not, hair straighteners and curlers are two tools that will come in handy.

  • Curlers for curling hair

In addition to the curling iron, which is electric and can curl hair quickly, there are different types of curling irons in small, large and medium sizes to have fine, large and medium curling irons, which you can get the required number based on the volume and height of your hair. Get great from them. It also does very little damage to the hair structure and is considered a healthy method; Especially if done without a hair dryer and using old models of curlers that were immersed in boiling water.

  • Round edge of hair iron

By choosing a hair straightener at a reasonable price Preferably rounded and hot on the back, you have covered a large part of the hair curling process. All you have to do is curl your hair around the iron to have the most beautiful waves called “view”, hold it as needed and then release it. The hair will look wavy and beautiful. Note that if the width of the ironing board is small, the waves will be small, and if it is large, the wave of your hair will be bigger.

  • A misconception

One of the misconceptions about styling straight hair is that the hotter the device, the better the hair will look. The fact is that the higher the temperature of the device, the more moisture and creatine your hair will lose and dry and unhealthy hair will remain for you. Instead of overheating your hair straightener or curling irons, extend the time a bit and use strong sprays. Also the correct way to use a hair straightener with the least damage to your hair Learn in this article.

  1. Spray or mouse?

Essential tips and tools for curling hair at home

If you are looking for a normal curl on a clean hair look, it is better to use a strong yet light spray that will hold the curl for a longer time without sticking the hair together. But if your hair is so straight that you are worried that the spray will not work for you, it is better to apply the required amount of mousse in the very early stages and when your hair is wet, and then use the hair dryer dispenser to curl your hair. After using the mousse, the hair may become dry and slightly sticky at the roots.

Finally, if you want hair known as beach hair, some foreign brands have produced a variety of sprays containing special formulations with salt that you can apply on damp hair and find attractive and beautiful hair.

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