8 ways to increase self-confidence and self-esteem

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Sometimes the feeling of helplessness or inferiority during projects, meetings, daily life, etc. grabs a person by the collar and does not let go. These feelings make life difficult, but believe me, everything has a solution. To taste the sweet taste Self-esteem And Self Confidence, Can from Confidence counseling Use.‌

What is self-esteem and where does it come from?

You have probably heard unpleasant things from your family, friends or teachers. You either felt defeated or incapable of doing what you wanted to do. Do not worry. You are not alone. Everyone faces such situations at some point in their lives. These situations can occur Self-esteem We are affected.

What is self-esteem?? This concept can be a kind of feeling and ability in Valuing yourself Defined. We all have some kind of self-esteem, whether positive or negative.

Self-esteem It usually has its roots in childhood. Whether or not you were given unconditional love and acceptance as a child will affect whether or not you accept yourself unconditionally. If as a child you felt that you had to be the best and most attractive to be accepted by your parents, this would probably still be a problem for you in a large family called the community.

The effect of positive and negative defects on individuals

With the help Positive self-esteem We can achieve our goals and face life’s challenges with all our might. If you have high self-esteem, it means:

  • Do not be afraid to do new experiments.
  • What others say does not easily affect you.
  • You know very well that the opinions of others are not always correct.
  • You know that life is not always fair.
  • You know you can learn from mistakes.
  • You feel better about yourself.

But Negative self-esteem It may make it harder for you to succeed in relationships, at work or at school. If you have negative self-esteem, it means:

  • You do not feel good about yourself and your abilities.
  • You may feel that you are not a good person.
  • You accept the opinions of others without assessing their credibility.
  • It is difficult for you to achieve goals.
  • You feel defeated.

Growing self-esteem It is for life. That is, it begins in childhood and develops into adulthood. Many people can in Improve self-esteem You Have a role. Family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances are constantly sending you messages and comments, but the decision to accept or reject them is up to you. You can learn from failures, get up again and walk, or be carefree about your goals and think about your failures. Which do you choose?

Many people equate self-esteem with self-confidence. But self-confidence has another meaning. There are obvious differences between the two terms.

What is self-confidence?

8 ways to increase self-confidence and self-esteem

Despite the widespread use of this concept, there are still confusions about the meaning of the unit Self Confidence There is. General online dictionary of psychology, Self Confidence Defines trust in abilities, capacities and judgments. Confidence is the belief that we can successfully face everyday challenges? When you have confidence in your abilities:

  • You are happier when you do your specialties and abilities
  • You feel better about your abilities
  • You have more energy and motivation to take action and achieve your goals.

Indeed Self Confidence Focusing on one’s future performance is similar to self-efficacy, but the past also affects it. Well, by now you have probably noticed some differences between the two terms. Psychological counseling Self-esteem Can be the best offer for Boost confidence And self-esteem Be you.

What is the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence?

People often Build confidence with self-esteem They get it wrong. They do their best to be the best athlete in the world and they are confident in their athletic abilities, but even winning Olympic gold does not satisfy them. Think of all the celebrities who are not happy with their lives despite receiving Oscars and warmth.

After years of progressing in a particular aspect of life and receiving positive feedback for it, they may be confident in that area, but if Self-esteem If they are low, they still do not feel happy. Feeling confused between Self Confidence And Self-esteem, Puts many people in the wrong direction to become the person who is more embedded in their skin. They may feel that writing will make them like themselves more, but then they realize that now they want to have a nose job and skin rejuvenation and they still do not like themselves at all.

Usually created Self Confidence In individuals relative to Self-esteem It’s easier, so they put it on their list. Finally, a long list of their abilities and achievements is obtained. Instead of confronting their shortcomings and failures, they hide them behind their certificates and awards. But as everyone who has gone to college knows, making a long list of abilities and accomplishments is not enough for healthy self-esteem.

Actually what we call it Low self-esteem Worried, generally Low self-esteem We come into being. In short, do not assume that gaining high self-confidence in any particular field will automatically lead to a better feeling about yourself. Improving your self-esteem requires working on self-acceptance and self-love instead of constantly striving to “correct” yourself by working on what you can do better.

So we can say that by improving and promoting self-esteem, we can have more hope Increased confidence Have yourself.

How to increase our self-esteem?

8 ways to increase self-confidence and self-esteem

Growing self-esteem It has a continuous trend. Fortunately, there are ways to increase and enhance it:

  • You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.
  • Accept that no one is perfect and everyone is wrong.
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Accept that people have their own opinions and ideas that may not always be right.
  • Evaluate the opinions of others and choose between rejecting or accepting them.
  • Identify the relationships in which you feel most accepted and give them more time and energy.
  • Share scary and vulnerable things with your trusted loved ones.
  • Get help from a psychologist.

Psychological counseling Can be the best offer for Boost confidence And self-esteem Be you. With the help of a root consultant Lack of confidence and self-esteem You discover and take steps to improve the situation. His help system, One of the systems Her online psychological counseling Can be with you on this journey. Count on the powerful arms of counselors and celebrate your entry into the world of life satisfaction.

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