5 + 1 Important point for light bridal eye makeup

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Beautiful brides always have a lot of worries near the party and that is why they leave the wedding day makeup to professional make-up artists. Make-up artists used to do their best to change the bride so that guests could feel the bride change on the wedding day, but now it has become more natural or simple to not change the bride and have a natural and simple face. A face away from heavy and unusual make-up with cute eyebrows and instead a simple and minimal face with full and beautiful arched eyebrows. Make-up artists use a few simple tricks to make the bride’s eyes, which is the most important part of her face, beautifully and simply, in order for the bride’s eye makeup to be in line with fashion and also to fit the bride’s face and eye color. Here are some effective tricks for bridal eye and eyebrow makeup.

  1. Makeup infrastructure

One of the most important parts of bridal makeup and especially bridal eye makeup is its foundation. Having the right infrastructure makes the bride’s face look fresh and beautiful throughout the celebration and there is no need to renew the makeup. The foundation of the bride’s eye makeup is done by waterproof cosmetics or quality primers. In this way, after performing a complete cleansing of the bride’s face and facial features, moisturizing creams are used, and then high-quality primers are used for the eyes as well as for the facial skin. The primer helps to smooth and matte the skin and turns it on. It also fills open pores to make it look smooth and even. The eye primer is suitable for smoothing the back of the eyelid as well as under the eyelid and reduces wrinkles to some extent. After the primer, using a concealer close to the skin color is the next step. The concealer lightens and eliminates dark circles around the eyes and will make the face look smooth and even. After this, you can add a small amount of powder to increase the shelf life of the concealer, but it is better to leave this to the last step. So far we have done a good job of eye infrastructure.

  1. Trend shadows of 2021

5 + 1 Important point for light bridal eye makeup

Eye shadows are an important part of bridal makeup and the colors chosen should be carefully chosen. Today, the use of bright and colorful colors is not recommended at all. Yellow or silver crown colors, bold red and purple or screaming pink are those colors that are obsolete and have no use in this ceremony and are more suitable by the sea and hot summer days. Of course, it should be mentioned that shiny shadows with low shine in cream or white colors will give high attractiveness to the eyes. Brands such as Etude, Golden Rose, Revolution, Hoda Beauty and other brands have launched attractive and significant eye shadow products in recent years, which have been welcomed by consumers.

From last year until now, warm and cold toned colors have become fashionable, which most young women are fond of and are called NUDE. This color tonnage includes colors with a color combination close to human skin and peach colors. The use of light brown and slightly dark brown tonnage together forms a chic color combination. Single shades of ninety or some High quality powder or simple eye shadow Reputable brands are widely used for bridal makeup, but liquid shades are less used than other shades. They use light colors at the beginning of the eye and slightly darker colors at the end of the eye.

  1. eye linear

In the next step, you should draw an eyeliner that fits the type of eye. Those who have more elongated eyes make cat eyeliner more attractive to their eyes. Of course, this type of eyeliner seems suitable for most people, we just have to consider placing the eyeliner under the eyelid so that the eyes do not look drooping. If a person has eyes with drooping eyelids, it is better to use a lift adhesive before makeup so that the eyelids go a little higher and there is more room for eye makeup and eyeliner. To better recognize the shape of your eyes click here.

  1. Eyelash extensions

For the bride, it is better to use mega-volum or valium eyelash extensions and not to use artificial and unnatural eyelashes. False eyelashes do not show the shape of the eyes and cover the back of the eyelid so that the eyes will be seen small and with long eyelashes and the back of the eyelid and shadows will not be seen.

  1. Choose eyebrow color

5 + 1 Important point for light bridal eye makeup

Avoid brightening and blonding your eyebrows for wedding day makeup because it will make your face look dull and sick and use the natural color of your eyebrows. You can make it a little bolder by lifting it a little, and also use the concealer that you have shaded under the eyebrows. Keep in mind that short and thin eyebrows are out of fashion and tell your hairdresser not to make your eyebrows as thin as possible and to lift your eyebrows. For the inside of the eyebrows, it is better if you do not have a permanent tattoo Replace cosmetic eyebrow shadows Or use magic hats.

  1. Suitable cosmetic tools

Although cosmetics do not seem important, they are one of the most important parts of bridal makeup and the reason for this importance is the elegance of bridal makeup. Having a brush with different sizes and brushes is very important and necessary for manicures and blushes. Thin bristles and bristles have a great effect on drawing doll’s eyeliner as well as using framed powder shadows and make makeup look flawless.

Bridal and wedding day makeup is one of the most important days in the life of any young woman and the sensitivity of makeup this day is due to high mobility and lack of time for re-makeup, and therefore most makeup artists use waterproof cosmetics to solve a problem. Do not go for makeup during the day.

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