14 ways to prevent insects from entering the house

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Home is the comfort of us humans and we do not want this peace to be disturbed for various reasons. But annoying insects do not care, and the only way we can prevent these not-so-pleasant insects from entering is by preventing them from entering or surviving indoors. Some of these groundbreaking methods are listed below.

  1. Check the condition of each house

Buildings can be divided into several forms; Old and new, apartments and villas, apartments with good or bad construction and architecture. All of this affects the way we try to prevent insects from entering the house. For example, an old building is more likely to be attacked by insects than a new type. Or when you live in a backyard villa, you have to act differently, and a poorly constructed building will probably take more care of insects. However, you can do the following for any of these types of buildings:

  1. Lattice doors and windows

Try to block the entry of insects. One of the most important options, Installation of adhesive, magnetic, pleated and sliding nets To block the courtyard door, windows, terrace and balcony. If you travel to the balcony and yard, try to use a variety of hinged or sliding netting so that you can easily travel. Window grilles can be made with different types of glue or pleats. In this way, insects such as mosquitoes, flies and even beetles are prevented from entering.

In addition, visit these nets annually so that if they are damaged during the winter, the nets will be serviced and the problems resolved.

  1. Block sewers

One way for insects to enter, such as cockroaches (or rather cockroaches), is to enter sewers and toilet cisterns. So try to close the well for the toilet and use the appropriate nets to close the floor and the sink and the bathroom. This method will be very effective.

  1. Block holes in the house

14 ways to prevent insects from entering the house

If your building does not have good architecture or over time, many holes and constructions have been done in it, try to block them as much as possible. For example, between the sink and the wall, there is a good place for cockroaches to grow. Block these holes as much as possible and use effective spraying beforehand.

  1. Lock the front door

If your door is at a distance from the frame, use a door sealant and fill this gap to prevent insects from entering the house. Insects are more likely to enter from outside the house. Take this issue seriously.

  1. Be careful of the air conditioner duct

Although this is unlikely to happen, cockroaches can penetrate to the top of the roof and enter the house through the air conditioner duct. So do not ignore the cooler channel and stick the appropriate nets around the channel.

  1. Use strong insecticides

Usually start spraying the house at the beginning of spring or the last month of winter. During this time, insects, especially beetles and bedbugs, begin to spawn. This prevents the birth of a large number of insects in spring and summer. It is better to start with Investigate the costs of spraying small beetles, bedbugs and mosquitoes Do this with the help of people who do the house spraying work. Because of the equipment they have, these people can spray on the premises of the building so that there is no room left for these insects to grow.

  1. Avoid creating moisture

If the dishwasher or washing machine needs to be repaired, prioritize this and prevent water from leaking into the cabinet or floor. Because moisture is one of the most important factors in the growth of annoying insects such as small beetles and cockroaches.

  1. Get out the trash in time

It may be hard to get the garbage bag out of the house, but keep in mind that they are one of the best places for germs and insects to grow. Learn how to separate wasteUse appropriate garbage bins with gates and take them out of the house every night before municipal officials arrive to pick up the garbage. Remember to postpone this until night to prevent odors and the growth of rodents such as mice during the day.

  1. Use suitable light bulbs

14 ways to prevent insects from entering the house

If there is a light bulb in the yard, balcony or terrace, try using standard mercury or halogen lamps in yellow, pink and orange. These bulbs attract fewer insects.

  1. Use scavengers for sewage

Try to wash the dishes and toilets regularly with suitable scavengers. This prevents the accumulation of dirty material in the pipe and thus prevents the growth of pests.

  1. Put food in sealed containers

Foods, especially sweet ones, are great attractants for various insects, so try to keep them in closed containers as much as possible. In this way, you keep one of the important resources out of the reach of insects and vermin.

  1. Clean the house regularly

Cleaning the house plays an important role in preventing the growth of insects and germs. Try to wash the dishes regularly, sweep the carpets, and mop the floor with a suitable detergent. Also, avoid paper litter in your home as much as possible. These substances are essential for the growth of cockroaches.

  1. Pay attention to the signs

You may notice unusual signs around the toilet well during one of your trips to the bathroom. Something like stool! Take these signs seriously, they may be a sign of beetle traffic.

If you see small and very small cockroaches in the house, it may mean that these creatures are laying eggs in the house. At this stage, you should definitely apply for a home sprayer, otherwise these insects will quickly infiltrate various parts of the house, including the sofa and closet.

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