10 + 1 solution for having silky and beautiful hair

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It can be said that almost everyone likes to have silky, smooth and beautiful hair, and in this regard, principles must be followed to eliminate frizzy and curly hair. Regular use of hair irons and hair dryers causes permanent damage to the hair and as a result it breaks, which keeps the hair from being straight and one-handed and silky. Our hair needs proper ventilation and it needs to be properly moisturized, and we offer you a few solutions to have beautiful and silky hair. So join us.

1. Changing hair shampoo

If your hair gets frizzy, the first thing to do is change the shampoo you are currently using. In these cases, the best option is to use Hair conditioner and keratin shampoo Is. These shampoos contain keratin and dry, colored and curly hair, which will eventually soften them. You should always use a shampoo that, in addition to washing, also preserves the natural oil of your hair because this oil prevents hair loss.

2. Use of silk pillowcases

When you use a silk pillowcase, your hair will look neat and tidy. In this case, you no longer need to blow-dry your hair to style it. So this time, use this option to make your hair more beautiful.

3. Use coconut oil

You can use coconut oil to bring good moisture to your hair. You can heat a tablespoon of coconut oil and keep it at home for a while until it softens and then massage it from the roots to the ends of the hair. To do this, all the hair should be soaked in oil and then comb the hair and cover it with a plastic cap. Then wait for an hour and wash it well with shampoo and rinse. After your hair dries, you will see the result. To do this, it is better to go for natural and organic coconut oil.

4. Use a wooden hair comb

Hair styling with a comb

It is better to go to your hair so that it does not look curly and frizzy Buy a hair comb model with quality and reasonable price go. There are currently a variety of wooden cosmetic combs on the market with Korean brands that are round and do not damage your hair when combing. Using fancy hair combs that are not of good quality will cause more hair to frizz, so be more careful in choosing this option.

5. Eat healthy fats

When we talk about healthy fats, we mean omega-3s. You can get this fatty acid from your omega-3 supplements or get it by eating foods like salmon and avocados. These foods provide omega-3s to your body naturally. Moisture and fat of this fatty acid help nourish dry and brittle hair shafts. Using this nutrient also helps to subconsciously nourish your nails.

6. Use cold water

You might think that washing your hair with cold water is a little difficult. But if you are looking for beautiful silky hair that has the right softness, do it. Cold water helps the hair shaft to look smooth and shiny. Hot water, however, has the opposite effect on the hair, causing it to become dry and curly.

7. Weekly use of the mask

If your hair gets very dry and this leads to frizz, be sure to use a weekly mask. Because the fragile parts of the hair need moisture. This mask can be the same oil for hair, but it is better to use it hot. Do not forget that you have to feel the weight of the hair mask on your hair for a few minutes so that its nutrients are absorbed by your hair shaft. By doing this, your hair will be lost over time.

8. Use of care products

Shampoo suitable for hair type

To have shiny and clear hair when you wake up, you should use a special hair serum, anti-frizz cream or hair oil to get rid of frizz. These products are best used for thicker hair and more curls. Keep in mind that when your hair is wet, you should use these products to minimize damage when ironing or blow-drying.

9. Say goodbye to old towels

It is better to replace the old towels with new ones to take care of and soften the hair more, in fact, the quality of the towel in which you wrap the hair is very important. It is better to choose a microfiber towel because these towels are softer and create less friction between your hair.

10. Use less ironing and hair dryer

In those people who have soft and silky hair, using a hair dryer and hair straightener to dry hair is less. You should allow the hair to dry at room temperature. Leave the hair open and let it fall down. In this case, the hair dries at room temperature and is not damaged by the heat of the hair dryer and does not suffer from hair loss.

11. Use argan oil

This oil is actually obtained from a tree that grows in Morocco. Argan oil In addition to the benefits it has on hair growth, Has restorative and shiny properties and helps to silk and straighten your hair and does not allow your hair to curl after bathing. This oil is so light that it can be used after bathing and when the hair is moisturized. To do this, gently open the hair after bathing and massage argan oil all over your hair. This oil does not need to be applied to the hair follicles because this part grows quickly.

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