10 + 1 A common mistake in using air conditioners during the summer

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When using air conditioners, we unknowingly do the wrong thing, which leads to wasted energy, staggering electricity bills, and, unfortunately, premature failure of air conditioners. These cases are discussed below. By looking at this list, you will find out which of these errors you are making:

  1. Use an unsuitable air conditioner

Many homeowners try to use large air conditioners that have high capacity to cool the building, but you should know that using the largest ones is not always the best way. This wastes energy, makes the ambient temperature inappropriate, and puts unnecessary pressure on the air conditioner. On the other hand, if you choose a small, low-capacity air conditioner, there will not be enough energy to cool the whole house and building.

Also, be careful in choosing the type of air conditioner. Currently, there are various air conditioners on the market, and split or two-piece air conditioners are more commonly used for homes, and standing air conditioners are used for buildings that have a larger area. Portable air conditioners are usually made in low capacities and are used for small units. There are different types of windows on the market, but they are less used because they do not have a remote control or can not be converted to heating mode.

  1. Keep the cooler temperature low

If you think that by lowering the temperature of the air conditioner too much, the house will cool down faster, we must say that you are wrong, this only puts unnecessary pressure on the air conditioner and causes more energy waste and high power consumption. So put the temperature of the cooler in a position where you know the home space will be in the desired weather conditions.

  1. Do not install the air conditioner in the right place

Installing an air conditioner in the right place (external and internal panel, also known as a thermostat), has a direct impact on the efficiency of the air conditioner, optimal energy consumption and the cost of electricity in the building. Therefore, for optimal performance, it is very important not to expose the external panel to direct sunlight. The interior panel should also be spaced from the ceiling and away from heating appliances such as lamps, televisions, stereos and the like.

  1. Avoid annual service and adjustment

No one wants to spend extra money to repair or reinstall an air conditioner, and to avoid this, it is best to take the annual settings and service of the air conditioner seriously. During the annual service, the air conditioner servicer must check the windings and the technical part, the pipe that connects to the inner panel and the rest to prevent major breakdowns. To do this, you can use one Reputable gas air conditioner service agency at a reasonable price Get help.

  1. Do not change the air filter

10 + 1 A common mistake in using air conditioners during the summer

Replacing and cleaning the air filter is easy, while you may not think it’s important. But neglecting to replace the air conditioner filter may reduce its performance and at the same time create a poor flow of cool air in the house. In addition, replacing and cleaning the air filter optimizes energy use, extends the life of the device, and reduces energy and electricity costs.

Especially if you live in an area with polluted air, try to change the air filters at least once every two months.

  1. Use the air conditioner throughout the day

We all try to optimize energy consumption, but sometimes the air conditioner stays on all day or 24 hours a day, which causes a lot of energy consumption and waste. In such cases, if you have to use it for a long time, it is better to keep the temperature of the air conditioner higher to prevent further complications. Read here You can see the best time to turn on the air conditioner.

  1. Do not use air conditioners

You may forget to turn off the air conditioner before leaving the house, which will lead to more electricity and energy consumption when it is not needed. To prevent such situations, you can use devices for adjusting the thermostat. These programs help you to turn off the air conditioner automatically or at the right temperature when you are not at home.

  1. Let the air conditioner block

Even if you consider a very good place to install the air conditioner, during the time of use, external factors such as tree branches, leaves or other foreign particles may block the path of the air conditioner and prevent its optimal operation. So if you notice that the cooler is cooling less than before, check this out as well. The same is true for water coolers, so it’s better than Water cooler installation services Or get help from air conditioners from reputable companies.

  1. Do not use fans

10 + 1 A common mistake in using air conditioners during the summer

Using fans can reduce the pressure on air conditioners. Therefore, if you plan to use fans or fans next to gas coolers, we suggest using ceiling fans that make the air circulate better.

  1. Use the air conditioner for a long time

Older air conditioners are inefficient, and replacing them with newer models can reduce cooling costs by 20 to 40 percent. So if you have been using an old air conditioner for a very long time, it is better to think about replacing it with newer models.

  1. Ignore small problems

If you hear strange smells or sounds while the air conditioners are working, it is better not to ignore them, because you will have to make major repairs and on the other hand, because they are a sign of improper operation of the air conditioner, your power consumption They do a lot. To prevent this from happening, be sure to repair the air conditioner. Now, through the organizations that provide construction services, you can easily ask for the cost of services and after specifying the price list and how to provide services, apply for a repairman.

The mentioned cases are one of the most important mistakes that we make in using air conditioners, and by being aware of them and, of course, not being easy to observe them, we can expect the best performance from air conditioners.

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