Whirlpool, in Naples the government’s plan B with Adler and Htl Fitting

A call to collect all the most important industrial realities in Campania to socially absorb what everyone now considers an inevitable fate. Whirlpool has decided to close the Naples plant on October 31, thanks to a global repositioning of the US multinational appliance market on the map of plants, which seems to favor some Chinese sites for the top of the range in washing machines. So the financial arm of Mise, Invitalia, is working on plan B which envisages a re-industrialization of the plant to relocate the greater number of employees.

Adler and Htl Fitting are potentially affected which for various reasons are part of the varied aerospace chain which sees Leonardo as its leader. Which in the region has the plants of Pomigliano, Nola and Casoria. The Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, involved her as a customer of last resort functional to a reabsorption of up to 280 employees. Unions for do not believe in the project. The thesis that Whirlpool’s European leaders have always pursued has been accepted, even if they had over time partially corrected the pull behind the pressures of the policy and the support of funds and incentives to compensate for the alleged low productivity of the plant that would work in gauge reduced.

The fears of the confederals who oppose plan B remain of the government seeing it too smoky. Too bad that Whirlpool has also rejected the latest proposal presented by the technicians of the Minister for the South, Giuseppe Provenzano, which provided for 30% tax relief for all employees of the plant. Of course, the unions note that it is the same scheme used for Embraco in Riva di Chieri in Piedmont, which ended up with an investigation by the prosecutor on charges of distraction of public funds for new investors who ran away with money also from Whirlpool, who had chosen them to restart the plant. The confederals rightly see with the smoke in their eyes the reindustrialisation attempts conceived at the Mise, certainly not built with all the trappings seen in the Embraco case and the historical one of Termini Imerese which recently led to the arrest of those who should have conceived the revival.

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