The entry of the rich into the digital currency market

According to Bloomberg, the results of a survey conducted by Goldman Sachs Bank of 150 rich families around the world show that more than half of them are ready to invest in the digital currency market. Fifteen percent of these families say they are already in the market.

Due to the coronary effects on businesses and rising inflation in various countries, wealthy households are looking for a profitable investment, and digital currencies have become more attractive to many, especially after the recent downturn.

“Most families want to talk to us about the capabilities of the Chinese blockchain and digital currencies,” said Mina Flynn, a wealth management expert at Goldman Sachs Bank. Some believe that the Chinese blockchain, like the Internet, will one day become a sensitive and inseparable technology in people’s lives.

Bitcoin, the most popular digital currency, fell more than 50 percent from its mid-April peak, but is still 230 percent higher than its price last year.

It is estimated that the richest families in the world have a fortune of about $ 6 trillion, which is more than four times the total current market value, and even the entry of part of their capital into the market can cause serious changes in its price. ها شد. However, some rich people have clearly stated that they are not interested in investing in the digital currency market.

Following the unprecedented rise of digital currencies earlier this year, a number of market participants have joined the ranks of the world’s billionaires, but it is unclear how many remain in the market.



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