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Weekend cinema. “DNA”, “Drunk”, “Slalom” and “Falling”: our choices for the return in theaters

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The poster of "DNA " by Maïwenn, a franceinfo film.
Maïwenn’s “DNA” poster, a News i film. (THE PRODUCTIONS PACT)

Wednesday May 19, a long-awaited date for spectators and film professionals. Artists, exhibitors, distributors, producers … Let us first come back to the films that are coming back to theaters after having seen their exploitation interrupted, almost seven months ago.

And we start with undoubtedly the most the most anticipated of these catch-up films, Goodbye idiots by and with Albert Dupontel and Virginie Efira, who returns crowned with his seven Césars, received in mid-March, including that of best film, and which in a single big week of exploitation had seduced the dizzying number of 700,000 spectators. It seems obvious that this score will rise further, Albert Dupontel who will also be heard on News i on Wednesday May 19, the day of the film’s new release.

In alphabetical order after Goodbye idiots, we find DNA by Maïwenn, a film in which Franceinfo is a partner, in which the director plays Neige, a divorced mother who examines her Algerian origins, a family and autobiographical story for Maïwenn. Fanny Ardant and Louis Garrel, among others, are also in the cast.

In the other beautiful films which return, we can quote Rag boy by Nicolas Maury, Of them by Filippo Meneghetti, the animated film Calamity by Rémi Chayé and one of the sensations of 2020, Drunk by Danish Thomas Vinterberg, who follows a group of disillusioned fathers, seeking to demonstrate that one can live and work better with a minimum dose of alcohol in the blood …

Thomas Vinterberg evokes on News i the remarkable performance of his main actor, friend and compatriot, Mads Mikkelsen. And recently, Drunk won the Oscar and the César for best foreign film.

In all, 16 new films will be on view in your cinemas, including Mandibles, Quentin Dupieux’s new quirk with the duo of Palmashow, but also Adèle Exarchopoulos and Romeo Elvis, and good laughs in perspective, Fly Me by Christophe Barratier with grandson Belmondo, the return of Emmanuelle Béart in The Embrace, and another News i film, Slalom by Charlène Favier who evokes the toxic relationship between a ski champion and her trainer played by Jérémie Renier, with there also autobiographical elements for the director Charlène Favier.

Another novelty, the Canadian-British drama Falling by and with Viggo Mortensen, who plays a gay couple confronted with old age and his father’s conservative mentality, played by Lance Henriksen who lives alone in his house in the country, the excellent Laura Linney is also in the game.

Finally, note for the youngest, but not only, several animated films in the new releases, including Tom and Jerry, On-Gaku our rock and the Japanese social phenomenon Demon Slayer.


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