VIDEO. With “Kaamelott: First part”, Alexandre Astier wants to take the public to “where he would not have gone himself”

Sixteen years after the debut of the series relating adventures of king arthur on M6, Kaamelott: First part out wednesday july 21 in dark rooms. The film is the first episode of the film trilogy from the cult series which aired until 2009. “The most complicated when you are lucky enough to have an audience that trembles, it is to take them somewhere where they would not have gone themselves”, explained Wednesday, on News i, Alexandre Astier. The director of Kaamelott, who also edited his film, hopes he delivered a story to the beat “supernaturally fast”. He now wishes “chain” with the sequel to the trilogy.

News i: fans of the Kaamelott series have been waiting for this first feature film for 12 years. Are you afraid of disappointing them?

Alexandre Astier: No, because I think that, already, you have to know how to disappoint. It is important. And then I think you have to know how to surprise above all. What is more complicated when you have people waiting for you like that and when you are lucky to have an audience that is rushing, it is to surprise them. The complication is not so much to disappoint them. It’s to take them somewhere they wouldn’t have gone themselves and that they can walk out of the theater saying, “My God, I have to go back.”

Christian Clavier, Alain Chabat, Clovis Cornillac, Audrey Fleurot, among others, are in the cast of this first part. Have you been writing for them and everyone else from the start?

Yes. I think I let actors and actresses inspire me a lot what I want to write. Sometimes they tell me who they are, they also tell me the story of the film. Afterwards, there is the engineer who comes into play to check that all this holds up. But the actor is in the middle of what I’m doing. It’s the very starting point of everything I do.

“The known, the unknown, the young, the old, the new, I think it’s them who make Kaamelott through me.”

Alexandre astier

to News i

Kaamelott at first, it was small episodes of three minutes, then 50 for the last two seasons. Today it is a feature film. Do you need space or is it King Arthur who needs space and time?

I think the Arthurian gesture needs space. I think when you tell about King Arthur, you can’t always be squeezed between four small walls. He absolutely must be able to tell all the aspects of his adventure, that is to say, as far as I am concerned, a comedy aspect, an aspect of small things, with little characters who find it difficult to understand each other. between them. But also the big things like the search for the Grail, like the big sets, like the big countries, like the big journeys, like the monsters. So there are big things and small things that coexist. And it takes space and it takes time for all of that to be expressed.

You write the music for your achievements. You also edit it. Why do you want to have your hand on the editing as well?

I think it’s during the editing that we make his film. I am very homey, who really like staying at home, when I go to shoot, I really have the impression of going fishing or mushrooming, that is to say to take a small basket, to put stuff in it, go get some nice stuff, and then bring it all home to cook. Cooking is editing. There, the assembly is much more dense. There are a lot of things in a short period of time. The film is two hours long, but it tells a lot.

“I think the rhythm of comedy is a manufactured rhythm, an artificial rhythm of editing. I care a lot about it.”

Alexandre astier

to News i

This is also why I try to take care of it. It’s just that I believe there is a time signature to the way comedy characters speak that is supernaturally fast.

Will the rest of the trilogy depend on the success of this first part?

Certainly yes. After i think Kaamelott, it’s a collection. Maybe if it’s an extremely bitter failure, we won’t hear about the 2. But I still think it’s part of a continuity. It’s a saga. That is to say that in fact, this first film could be seen much later also in another way, after the 2, before the 2. I really have the impression of an extended universe when I ‘write that. It can take many forms. This is already taking a number of forms.

You announced the color in the first season. You wanted to bring this story to the big screen. What do you want now?

I think this trilogy is close to my heart. I want to go on. I hadn’t wanted to link the film with the series. But there, I really want to chain the following films because I do not want to stop so much to tell this story. And then, I really want to write, in the form of a book, the period between the series and the film, which is called Resistance, which tells of these ten or twelve years of absence from Arthur and where everyone world chooses its camp, resistant, collaborator, traitor. I really want to tell it like that. And I still continue to write comic books. There I write the tenth.

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