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VIDEO. “We are a little artisans, a little shopkeepers … but we are still small”: the owner of an independent cinema in Haute-Savoie

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After the announcement of the new confinement on October 28, 2020 by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, the owner of the cinema La Trace in Villard-sur-Boëge, in Haute-Savoie, carefully removes the posters from the frames fixed on the exterior wall of his room. Thierry Georgel, from a family that has dedicated his life to cinema, knows that they will soon be used again … when cinemas can once again welcome the public, while respecting barrier gestures

The programs for the three weeks of screenings that he had just printed are out of date with this reconfinement decided to fight against the pandemic of coronavirus Covid-19. The Halloween party has therefore been canceled. : “Normally, we should have all been in disguise, the spectators too, and we would have celebrated together, with distribution of gifts, game contests… It’s screwed up! We put everything away until next year…” he said to the magazine “1:15 p.m. on Saturday“(replay).

Image smugglers … and dream merchants

“There are about 6,000 screens, which represents about 2,500 establishments … and die-hard independents, there aren’t many of us, recalls Thierry Georgel. In addition, since March, we have not completely the cards in hand. The cinema itself has always known how to reinvent itself and it will know how to find other formulas. I am positive. I always stay very positive… but it’s complicated. “

“We are a little artisans, a little shopkeepers … but we are still small, he specifies. The magic is on the screen. We’re not the ones who make the films, so… We just show them. We are smugglers of images… “ Would he not rather exercise this beautiful profession of dream merchants? Cinema and theaters will be able to reopen their doors on December 15, 2020, if the health situation allows it, with a new curfew: a “Time-stamping system will allow the organization of performances at the end of the day”, declared the head of state.

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