VIDEO. Everything you don’t know about Pierre Niney

He was the youngest actor to join French comedy

Pierre Niney: That is true. There have been actresses younger than me, in particular Isabelle Adjani who returned I believe at 16 when she had come to accompany someone. But on the other hand, in the male category indeed, I was the youngest resident of the Comédie Française.

He is the most famous 4th Peter on Google after Pierre Hermé, Pierre Ménès and Vacances

Pierre Niney: So I didn’t check but I think it seems likely to happen in that order. Is it true or not ? Being after Pierre et Vacances was one of the goals in my life, one of the two goals in my life, yeah yeah. It was being an actor and being very, very close to Pierre et Vacances in everything that is algorithmic.

He refused to play Spider-Man

Pierre Niney: So this is wrong. Basically, what is true is that I was offered, my American agents offered to take the tests for Spider-Man. And in fact, I said, “Yes, serious!” I have been Peter Parker since I was born. I devote an absurd and absolute worship to Spider-Man but when they said to me: “On the other hand, know that you pass the tests and that there is a 2nd round and all, you start to engage in a process. where Marvel gets their hands on you and if you ever make the film, you have to sign franchises for 6, 7, 8 years with them. ” And that scared me very much and then I said to myself: “In fact, I don’t want that, they offer me great and varied and different and rich things in France.” And so, I said no to the casting, casting where you will have understood it, where I would never have been taken. Why would they have come to look for Pierre Niney who falls just after Pierre et Vacances on Google?

His favorite hero is Leaf Man

Pierre Niney: My favorite hero, he became Leaf Man, but a bit of a battle with Hubert Bonisseur from La Bath OSS117, but I really like Feuilles Man and I might one day like him to come off a tree and ‘he flies with his own wings.

When he was little he dreamed of being a firefighter

Pierre Niney: It’s true, I went through this phase but it’s just because I was fascinated by the helmet where we can’t see them, it’s a mirror from the outside but they see on the other side. Very weird as delirium, I don’t know what that says about me. Big up to my therapist.

I dreamed about it for a while, after that I dreamed of being an airplane pilot for quite a long time, an airline pilot. And then afterwards, I discovered that I was nearsighted and color blind and bad at math. It was a lot to be a pilot and for people to be safe.

In another life he is a shrink by the name of Dr. Juiphe

Pierre Niney: Absolutely, yeah. I consult under the name of Dr. Juiphe, I do imitation therapy which is very effective and proven. Here, yes, yes, it is true that I operate. It mostly works on Jonathan Cohen.

He is committed to the environmental cause

Pierre Niney: It’s true, it’s true. I am fortunate to have a voice with a public profession that carries a little more than other voices. So I try to talk about things that seem important to me like, for example, this little thing that could be the survival of humanity and planet Earth. In truth, it touches me so yes I speak about it.

He prefers Jonathan Cohen to François Civil

Nah, it’s hard nah … Nah, nah, it’s hard … Nah, nah, it’s hard because I much prefer François Civil so it’s hard to lie and say that it is Jonathan Cohen. Jonathan, he’s a flank.

Louis de Funès is one of his idols

Pierre Niney: Louis de Funès is obviously one of my idols like many French people. Not a great originality but I think it is legitimate because it is a huge animal, actor, comedy creature.

He was friends with Adrien des BB Brunes

Pierre Niney: Absolutely. Adrien Gallo whom I kiss. Adrien wrote his songs in physics chemistry class next to me, we were very, very friends. And I remember he was filling the Gibus at the time, which was not bad already, it was a small BB Brune group that was starting. And me, I said: “Yeah guy”, to spoof him, “call me when you fill a Zenith, there we will talk and everything” And six months later, he was doing the Zenith. It had gone very, very fast.

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