VIDEO. Alexandre Astier tells the whole truth about Kaamelott

Before Kaamelott, it was called Dies iræ

Alexandre Astier: Dies iræ, day of wrath. The short film I made 20 years ago now that only takes place around the Round Table was called Dies iræ. And Kaamelott, it ends up being a lot more telling in the story of the thing, because it’s Arthur’s fortress.

Kaamelott’s spelling has changed

Alexandre Astier: Realizing that people were saying “Kamelot” because there was only one “t”, I rehearsed a second to force people to say “Kaamelott” because “Kamelot”, I don’t like .

Alexandre Astier is a lord

Alexandre Astier: Yes, yes, that’s true. I own land in Scotland. I was offered a square meter with a tree in Scotland. So, a priori, I am Lord of Scotland because I have land in Scotland.

Thomas Pesquet is a big fan of Kaamelott

Alexandre Astier: I learned he loved Kaamelott. His team had gone into production to request episodes of the series to go with in their entertainment package. I was very proud to be a part of it, of course. But I said to myself: “Ah, since he’s up there, maybe he likes it. He will miss the film, suddenly. “So, I proposed to him but to him, all alone, in private message to see the thing.

Alexandre Astier is a musician

Alexandre Astier: I am a double bass player and bassist. I always managed to write the music for everything I did. So I never gave up.

There are 3 jokes per minute in Kaamelott

Alexandre Astier: What is this count? But I hate, I hate the joke term. It’s like gag, yuck. I don’t wanna do stuff like that at all. Ah no, no, no, I prefer … No, there is no joke in Kaamelott. It’s boring. Here it is, Kaamelott it’s boring, it’s sad.

Kaamelott is dedicated to Louis de Funès

Alexandre Astier: It’s true, the Kaamelott series is entirely dedicated to Louis de Funès. This is the best I could do as a tribute to the one who made me want to do popular comedy. I said, “I’ll try to dedicate something big to her.” Well, it’s not huge but anyway, that’s what I have bigger, me, it’s the whole series.

Arthur is the king of Brittany

Alexandre Astier: It’s wrong, it’s so wrong. When things are too wrong, I almost have a pain like that. I know there are people who are a bit confused because they say he is the king of the Bretons. He is not the king of the Bretons, there is a great Britain and a little Brittany. And above all, the Kingdom that concerns us is called the Kingdom of Logres. And this kingdom extends from the north of the island of Brittany to Scotland, up there, in Caledonia, at the time. And it goes down to the Aquitaine border which is below the Pyrenees.

The film is 1 year late

Alexandre Astier: There is no delay. I don’t have a date, I’m not … I’m not a station master, I don’t have schedules. Shit, at the end. No, it happens when it happens, that’s all.

To look younger, you should use hemorrhoid cream

Alexandre Astier: Don’t do this at home. Oh no, I don’t take responsibility for guys who will end up with faces like that. It’s makeup artist stuff that says, “Don’t worry, I’ll put your hemorrhoid cream under your eyes, it’ll sting a bit.”

The scripts are sent to the actors well in advance

Alexandre Astier: It’s wrong. Other than Sting, who got it much earlier. But because he had to learn his lines in French. He had, moreover, the scripts and my voice. I recorded my voice for him. Me, I do not corner anyone, already it is because sometimes the texts I do not have them. It’s just that I didn’t make them, so hey I’m not going to send them, I don’t have them.

Your grandmother played in Kaamelott

Alexandre Astier: Not my grandmother. I have 6 out of 7 children who played in Kaamelott. The thing is, the 7th he was born during the post-production of the film. So he is not there, he will be in the next one. There you have it, my mother, my father, my half-brother, his mother. They’re comedians, eh. I didn’t get them from a bakery or a deli.

He has a lot of the expression “We have big”

Alexandre Astier: No, because I haven’t invented it yet. She was there before me. Because I find it easy to say, easy to write. There are guys who write it on protest boards. I really like. I am happy that the public is allowing themselves the language. I like that this is what they like.

After part 3 of the film, it’s the end of Kaamelott

Alexandre Astier: This is the end of the saga. No more saga, yeah.

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