These songs that make France. “Cannes” by Barbara Carlotti (2003)

Cannes, its Croisette, its film festival, glamor and a seafront that makes you dream … (Illustration) (PAWEL TOCZYNSKI / THE IMAGE BANK RF / GETTY IMAGES)

The Cannes Film Festival ended yesterday so we can start dreaming about it again.

The upheavals due to the health crisis made us forget it a little, but the real seasons in Cannes are clearly cut out: in spring, the festival; In the summer, we walk around the Croisette imagining that we are being targeted by the paparazzi, and that we are trying to return incognito to our hotel while discussing a huge project with a producer. This is all that Barbara Carlotti tells us in 2003, in the best song ever devoted to the imagination of Cannes.

In this episode of our column These songs that make France, you hear excerpts from:

Barbara Carlotti, Cannes, 2003

Billy Nencioli, Cannes, 1958

The singers, Cannes festival, 2011

Henri Salvador, In Cannes, this summer, 1959

Léo Ferré, Cannes the fly, 1961

VRP, Cannes, 1990

Charles Trenet, Sunset in Cannes, 1985

Barbara Carlotti, Cannes, 2003

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