The actor of “Breaking Bad” also got corona / Invitation to use a mask – News i Agency | Art

According to reports News i Quoted from Variety, Brian Cranston He revealed that he had taken a corona and asked people to wear a mask.

Cranston Who is the actor of the drama series «Breaking Bad “spoke to people in a video message while donating plasma in California.

“I wanted to tell everyone that I had just taken a corona,” he said.

The actor said he had a mild combination of problems that included headaches, body and chest pain, and a sense of smell and taste. اش Had also lost.

Video Which shows posted on Instagram Cranston Is donating plasma.

The actor and director, while emphasizing that he was lucky to have recovered from the disease, also called on people to wear masks while the number of corona deaths in the United States exceeds 150,000.

He added: “Wash your hands and observe social distance.” do.

Brian Cranston “We can skip this step, but only if we follow the rules together,” he said.


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