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Summer culture. “Simple Passion”, the chronicle of a singular love in cinema

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"Simple passion ", a film by Danielle Arbid.
“Simple Passion”, a film by Danielle Arbid. (MAGALI BRAGARD / DAVID THION PRODUCTION)

Very quickly classified as a bestseller, the book Simple passion divides: Annie Ernaux, who is inspired by a fleeting experience, is she defending the submission of a woman, or, on the contrary, does she affirm that losing self-control in a passion is a sublime act of freedom? A little less than 30 years after the publication of the novel, Danielle Arbid adapts it to the movie theater, in theaters since August 11.

A single mother, university, meets a mysterious young Russian man, married, younger than her, everything opposes them. She is refined, he is boorish. She only waits for him and lives only for those hot hand-to-hand moments. An impossible love, an unreasonable addiction, Danielle Arbid is amused that we can oppose feminism to this story.

“What is feminism if you don’t say out loud about your weaknesses? She crawls, she doesn’t exist any more, whatever, she lives everything it is possible to live to catch this man, says the director. We forget our dignity, we forget everything … In the film, she forgets her son, this love story is tragicomic in a way, it’s very existential. “

We can’t stop loving men, I hope we won’t stop falling in love because there is a schedule to follow.

Danielle Arbid, director of “Passion simple”

The love scenes are numerous in the film and it takes all the talent of the director and the performers to succeed: Laetitia Dosch is overwhelming and the sulphurous Ukrainian dancer, known for his pro-Putin positions, Sergei Polunin, an ideal partner .

“We are talking about two totally different beings, who barely speak English together but who find each other through the body. It was great to work with a former professional ballet dancer because he takes it for a game, confides the main actress Laetitia Dosch. We laughed like whales doing that, which was also reassuring is that everything was very written, we knew exactly what we had to do, it was like a choreography. “


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