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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Sony relies on “Spider-Man” and “Ghostbusters” to bail out theaters

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Now that nearly 90% of North American cinemas have reopened their doors, the big American production companies have wanted to boost the morale of the troops by unveiling the exclusive trailers of the new bluckbusters which will be released next. Sony has unveiled that of Spider-Man: No Way Home, next part of the adventures of the leaping superhero, then showing in preview Ghostbusters: The Legacy, the sequel to the Ghostbusters released in 1984, strongly tinged with nostalgia.

The clips from these films were shown at CinemaCon 2021, which runs until August 26. Last year, this festival, where Hollywood studios usually send cohorts of stars to flatter movie theater owners, had to be canceled due to the coronavirus.

“In the last 19 months there has been a lot of pessimism and dark ideas”, admitted Josh Greenstein, who chairs the cinema department of the giant Sony. “But we know that movie theaters and the indoor movie theater experience will triumph.”, he said.

Sony’s presentation at CinemaCon also featured brief footage of Bullet train, starring Brad Pitt, and another superhero film titled Morbius, continuation of the series started with Venom. Also on the menu for the evening were excerpts from A Journal for Jordan, directed by Denzel Washington, and a film adaptation of the bestselling novel Where the crayfish sing, produced by Reese Witherspoon.

Ghostbusters: The Legacy was presented by its director Jason Reitman and his father Ivan, who had directed the initial opus almost forty years ago. The plot still remains ultra-confidential but the new part follows the adventures of the descendants of the first ghost hunters, who take over the suit and the ectoplasm vacuum cleaner from their elders.

Organizers have maintained CinemaCon despite fears over the explosion of cases of the Delta variant, but a large number of stars have preferred to stay away from Las Vegas casinos despite the “sanitary pass” in place for it. ‘event.

Disney is almost absent, but other traditional studios, such as Warner, Universal and Paramount, have made the trip. Since the start of the pandemic, each of them has resorted in one way or another to video-on-demand platforms to broadcast their works, to the chagrin of cinema operators who are worried about their work. to come up.

The only major Hollywood studio without a streaming service, Sony has committed to “preserve and protect the exclusive niche of cinemas” before the films arrived on other media, eliciting heavy applause from CinemaCon attendees. “Watching films simultaneously in theaters and at home is devastating for our common industry”, said Josh Greenstein.

Its CEO, Tom Rothman, cited the success of Free Guy, comedy produced by its competitor Disney. Unlike the flops recently suffered by other films, “This one worked very well because on the one hand it is great, and on the other hand it is not possible to see it at home on your television”, he judged. “We are not very brilliant in Hollywood, but we will eventually understand”, added Tom Rothman.


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