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'Reporter' becomes Japan Academy's Best Film / No Guest Event – News i Agency | Art


Reportedly News i According to Variety, Mitsihito Fuji's "Reporter" drama film about a young female journalist investigating a scandal in the highest ranks of Japanese politics won the Best Film of the Year award at the 40th Japan Academy Awards held in Tokyo on Friday.

Due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus, no parties were invited to the event and no media were present to cover the event at the Grand Prix Newtownanawa Hotel.

The reporter, based on the non-fiction book Isoko Muchizuki, was unexpectedly sold at Box Office last year, breaking the Japanese film industry's taboos against dramatizing real political controversy in commercial films.

Shim Yoon-Kyung, who plays the Korean-Japanese story reporter, won the award for Best Actress. Tori Matsukaza, who played the bureaucratic role that the reporter used as a source, was best man of the ceremony.

Makoto Shinkai's "With You in the Air", which became Japan's best-selling film in 7 years, won the Best Animation Award, and the Radomemps Band, which produced the soundtrack, won the Best Music Award . The film, which was released in Toho last July, sold for $ 5 million.

The popular comedy "Take Me to the Siteama" won the Best Director award by Heidi Takayuki, and Yuichi Tokonaga won the Screenplay Award for the same film.

Masami Nagasawa was cast as Best Supporting Actress and Rio Yushizawa was recognized as Best Supporting Actress. Both won for Shinsuke Sato's "Kingdom" film, a historical action project in ancient China based on a popular comic. The film also won two technical awards, earning the highest number of awards with four awards.

The Best Foreign Film Award went to Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. The actor also won an Academy Award for this film.




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