Release of “Kaamelott-First part”: the unique universe of Alexandre Astier seen by the actors of the film

After ten years of absence and exile, King Arthur returns to Brittany. This is the starting point of this new saga Kaamelott-First part, which like the series, came out of the imagination and work of Alexandre Astier. Creator, screenwriter, director, actor, editor and musician, this virtuoso jack-of-all-trades permeates every scene and every dialogue with his quirky medieval universe imagined almost twenty years ago and which has become cult.

The film’s cast, most of whom took part in the series, were delighted to regain that spirit.“This universe is unique in France. No one else has it” explains actor Guillaume Gallienne. “The epic is enormous (the quest for the Grail) and the problems are lousy. There are ten idiots per minute, real low ceilings. It is an immense pleasure because we necessarily recognize ourselves in it by one moment”.

The talent of Alexandre Astier is to master the whole process of creation. This music enthusiast also composed the soundtrack for the film. A sensitivity that is felt in the writing according to Geraldine Nakache, also on the bill. “Alexandre Astier is first and foremost the musicality of his dialogues” she says. “When I hear one of his lines, I know it was thought and written by Alexandre, I know it was directed by him. I find this signature incredible.”.

Adventure Kaamelott, it is also a troop spirit, and a city, Lyon. The city of Alexandre Astier. Where he lives and works, as do many of the comedians of the series and his relatives. “This is his territory” explains actor Clovis Cornillac, also from Lyon. “He lives and works with his actors, he has a lot of things he does here, his music, his editing …”.

At the start of the adventure Kaamelott for television, Alexandre Astier must have filmed in the Paris region, but not for long. “As soon as the series took a little power, a little scale, I managed to bring all the production back to Lyon” he explains. “I think that Lyon, beyond the fact that it is my city and that I want to stay at home because I have my family here, is a very efficient working tool. There is everything for the sound, for the studios. And at the gates of the city, we have all that the landscapes can offer. We have crazy things on the Vercors side, on the Puy-en-Velay side it’s completely crazy and if we go as far ‘in Cantal it’s still something else “.

Interview with Alexandre Astier

Highly anticipated film, Kaamelott-First part broke the pre-sales record for a French film, with 60,000 tickets sold in 24 hours. The universe of Alexandre Astier should still attract a crowd. While waiting for the second part of this trilogy, which fans hope to see on the big screen as soon as possible.

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