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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

OSS 117, “film of the summer” and bearer of “hope” for theaters, according to the general manager of the CGR group

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CGR Cinémas is counting on the eagerly awaited release of the third opus of the spy comedy to fill the theaters and try to compensate for the losses due to the introduction of the health pass.

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“We are full of hope” with the release of the film OSS 117 : red alert in black Africa, the “summer movie” this Wednesday, August 4 in cinemas, reacted on News i Jocelyn Bouyssy, general manager of the CGR Cinémas group.

“With this beautiful film, we hope that spectators will come back to our theaters even more” despite the health pass, he explains, thanking the distributor Gaumont for not having postponed again the release of the 3rd opus of OSS 117. “I think if he didn’t come out, the other movies weren’t coming out either, and I even think we would have closed”, says the general manager of the CGR Cinémas group.

As for the start of OSS 117 when it was released on Wednesday, Jocelyn Bouyssy affirms that there was a “good signal”, with “almost 60,000 entries” sold for previews, and “already more than 6,000 entries” in the 73 cinemas of the CGR Cinémas group for the first morning of operation. “These are very good numbers”, he concludes.


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