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New Documentary Made about Fellini / Author's Different Look – News i Agency Art


Reportedly News i According to Variety, "Fellini Johns" is a documentary about the life of prominent Italian director Federico Fellini.

This documentary was produced by Anselma Del Oliveau from the French-German television network Arte, which recently appeared in the Venice Film Festival with Marco Ferrari's documentary film about Italian author Marco Ferrari and received the David Prize Documentary Award. De Donatello received.

Born in Rome, a native of the United States but resident in Rome, he worked with Fellini in the 1980s to produce subtitles for Ginger and Fred.

In "Fellini Johns", he has focused on the unprecedented director's attention to supernatural issues, his heartfelt attention to spirituality, religion, esotericism and astrology, and he believes he was influenced by Jung's psychologist Ernest Bernhard.

The documentary extracts the title of her film from the film Fellini's Juliet Johns, the first of Fellini's color work, exploring the views, memories and mystics that come with the help of a woman in her fifth decade. With the help of these agents, the woman succeeds in leaving her betrayed wife.

The documentary also features comments from a number of prominent figures who have spoken about Fellini's work, including Demin Schasel. Fellini's 2-year-old American director Terry Gilliam, Fellini's colleague, and Italian journalist Sergio Zavoli, a close friend of Fellini's, are also featured in the documentary.

The documentary will be screened on the occasion of the centenary of this successful Italian director. Fellini was born January 8, in Romini, Italy. He received an Academy Award for a lifetime of achievements in his cinematic life, and died of a cardiac arrest at the end of that year.




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