Look at the info. “French cinema is a fragile treasure”, confides Isabelle Giordano

Isabelle Giordano has just published a work entitled Un Trésor français with Fayard editions. (VALERIE MACON / AFP)

“Look at the info” today with the journalist Isabelle Giordano who has just published a book entitled A French treasure published by Fayard editions. The former Madame cinema of Canal + was at the head of UniFrance, the body responsible for promoting and monitoring French films internationally between 2013 and 2019.

News i: You tell us first that we must be proud of our cinema

Isabelle Giordano : It’s very important, it’s an internal and external issue. Our country is fragile, and regaining pride is a way to come together. And what better than culture to unite, with common values ​​and purpose. And outside, we are the champions of French-bashing. We are adored in many countries, but we ourselves do not promote France as we should.

What do foreigners love so much about our cinema?

One word is lights! The Age of Enlightenment. We have a leadership role. But the idea of ​​democracy, freedom, fraternity is not shared everywhere …

You also evoke internal blockages, rivalries, tensions in the world of culture …

Yes, this system sometimes works on the head. Institutions are sometimes conservative where they should be at the forefront of creation. It’s a shame in France not to be aware of this treasure. This treasure is not put to good use by the right people.

The Caesar ceremony is like a witness to everything that is wrong. A world of inter-self that is shattered. This world after, it must also go through another way of looking at culture. Culture infuses and makes it possible to influence all areas of society.

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